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10-point Checklist to Ensure Knowledge Transfer Through eLearning [SlideShare]

In corporate L&D, all our roles are different. Some are responsible for instructional design, some for course development, and others for managing effective training delivery and administration. And yet all these different job roles have one common goal – knowledge transfer. While all of us concentrate on playing our parts diligently, we shouldn’t for a moment lose the bigger picture from our sight. While designing eLearning solutions, it is very important to check every step of the process – be it during planning, designing, developing, or delivering courses.

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But eLearning designing and development is a drawn-out process with multiple processes happening simultaneously. How can you then make sure that every process in place is working towards effective knowledge transfer?

Don’t worry! We have a solution for you. Here is a SlideShare with a 10-point checklist to ensure effective knowledge transfer through eLearning.



End Note

I hope you found this SlideShare with its 10-point checklist to be useful. Aligning your business goals with your training goals is the first step to ensure effective knowledge transfer. Also, it is the most fundamental rule of effective instructional design. If you want to know more about how to design an effective eLearning solution, here is an eBook that you will find interesting.

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