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E-learning to Accelerate Training in the Manufacturing Industry

The main problem in the manufacturing industry is that most employers look for multi-skilled employees who can perform a range of tasks. In reality, many manufacturing workers are unskilled or have only been trained to perform a single job function. The manufacturing industry often faces a severe gap between the talent they need and what is actually available in the market.

One solution that employers apply to tackle this problem is developing a learning strategy that teaches unskilled employees the skills they need to help create a high-quality manufacturing unit. This gives a boost to the manufacturer’s productivity, decreases the attrition rate of employees, and resolves the talent gap. But, in-house manufacturing training comes with a number of challenges.

Depending on the required skills, manufacturing industry training can be very expensive. It can take a long time to find a trainer who can impart the necessary skills. Even after that, it takes considerable involvement of trainers and supervisors to make employees proficient for their job.

Using an e-learning program instead of a traditional learning approach can ease up the entire training process. Every aspect of a manufacturing line can be effectively taught to your workforce using various digital tools and methodologies. Let’s see below how each section of manufacturing can be tackled through e-learning:

Production Line

For a company it is essential that its manufacturing process stays lean and efficient. Only then, it can assure a smooth flow, good production, and reduced waste. Thus, training employees on efficient ways to use the production line is the topmost priority for a manufacturing company.

E-learning can help you achieve this – by incorporating scenario-based learning and case-studies in your digital module, you can demonstrate the importance of this vital manufacturing parameter. Employees get a firsthand experience of the consequences if these principles are not followed.

Supply Chain Training

There are many processes associated with a manufacturing process. These can be purchasing, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and many more, depending on your industry. For an effective manufacturing plant, each of these processes should run smoothly and in coordination with each other.

E-learning modules can be used to impart top-notch training on supply chain management. You can convey the entire process through an elaborate story and present it using an avatar. This helps learners visualize the supply chain and increases their reaction knowledge of practical situations. Even a game-based module with your supply chain functionality embedded in it can work wonders for this kind of training. 

Equipment Management

Your product is only as good as the machines creating it. Hence, it is essential that all your high-end machinery stay in excellent working condition. For this purpose, employees must have knowledge beyond the normal workings of the machine.

E-learning has many methods through which this can be achieved. You can create game-based content that depicts the workings of the machine. Using videos that cover important operating procedures related to a machine can also be a good idea.

Product Knowledge

Although not directly related to manufacturing, this information is required for personnel who will go out to sell your produce. In many instances as it can happen, the sales team must also know how the product is exactly made to effectively sell it.

Using e-learning you can impart product knowledge using relevant images, animations, or even videos. You can also adapt microlearning modules to give employees the crucial last-minute information nugget that really helps them make a sale.

Safety and Compliance

This is one aspect of manufacturing that just cannot be ignored. Safety and compliance procedures are highly important to establish the trust of your employees as well as adhere to the set industry standards. To ensure safety, you can use a blended learning approach that gives your employees live insights of industry veterans and experts.

Use game-based content to add life to otherwise dull compliance courses. You can also use just-in-time learning modules that can assist employees during the actual performance of tasks and prevent them from committing mistakes.

E-learning can easily takeover your manufacturing learning needs. It helps your workforce learn with ease at any time they require as well as saves on a lot of training cost.

Is Your Training Material Ready for eLearning?