3 Practical Approaches for E-learning Evaluation [Infographic]


Looking to evaluate eLearning? This infographic gives you information on the different approaches that can be followed for evaluating the effectiveness of eLearning courses.

3 Practical Approaches for E-learning Evaluation [Infographic]

A 100% course completion rate does not guarantee that the eLearning course has been effective. That’s the reason many organizations are making a conscious effort to evaluate the effectiveness of training programs. Some of the benefits of evaluating training effectiveness are tracking:

  • Whether the course has met learners’ needs and objectives
  • The organizational benefits of the training program
  • Reinforcement of learning
  • Suggestions for improving the training program

A publication in the eLearning Guild specifies 3 different approaches to evaluate training effectiveness.

  • Learner-based Evaluation – In this approach, data is captured immediately after the learner completes the training, and a couple of months after training completion.
  • Manager-based Evaluation – Similar to the previous approach but also includes inputs from the learner’s manager.
  • Analyst-based Evaluation – This approach is used only for high-visibility training programs as it can be time-consuming and expensive. Similar to the other two approaches, it uses surveys but also includes analytics.

Here’s an infographic based on the 3 approaches to training evaluation in eLearning.

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3 Practical Approaches for E-learning Evaluation [Infographic]

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