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Starting Out with eLearning for Corporate Training? Watch Out for These 5 Newbie Mistakes! [slideshare]

Hey there! Are you planning on implementing eLearning but would like some guidance? Are you worried that your corporate training will hit a brick wall?

Thanks to the global pandemic, in-classroom corporate training has caught a bad cough (no COVID puns intended). Fortunately, I am here with a quick instruction guide on what NOT TO DO when starting with eLearning for corporate training. Check the slides to know about 5 common mistakes in eLearning for corporate training and ways suggested to avoid them.

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And have you thought about the course development? Are you going to do it in-house or are you planning on outsourcing to an eLearning vendor? Sure, you can always brush up your old classroom ILT materials, present them over a virtual tool and call it a day. But will your learners be satisfied with that? And how effective will such training be? If you’re just starting with eLearning in your organization, outsourcing makes more sense as you will have an experienced team of instructional designers and developers and set processes to take care of all your requirements.

But before you jump on to the whole eLearning bandwagon, why don’t you take a step back and check out these five mistakes that you, as a rookie just starting with eLearning for corporate training, NEED TO AVOID.

ELearning for Corporate Training: 5 Mistakes to Watch Out For




Now that you know what to avoid, let’s get you prepped up for bringing eLearning to your corporate training. Allow this handy eBook to guide you in making a strong business case for successfully implementing eLearning in your organization.

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