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What is Custom eLearning — Benefits & Tips for Effective Design [Infographic]

Modern learners have evolved learning needs. One-size-fits-all off-the-shelf courses are just not enough to cater to the changing learning needs in today’s dynamic business landscape. Crafting customized learning journeys aligned to the unique learning needs, styles, and preferences of learners is the key to individual and business growth. And custom eLearning makes it possible.

What is Custom eLearning?

Custom eLearning solutions refer to tailor-made training programs designed specifically for a company's training needs. Unlike off-the-shelf courses that are pre-packaged and generic, custom eLearning is crafted to align with the company's objectives, culture, and industry requirements.

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What are the Benefits of Using Custom eLearning Over Off-the-Shelf Courses?

It could be tempting to go for ready-to-use catalog courses to train your employees, but it might not deliver the desired results. Customizing your eLearning courses to match your learners, training objectives, and business goals takes your corporate training to the next level and builds a competent workforce that helps you shine in today’s competitive business landscape.

Let’s walk through the four key benefits of using custom eLearning over off-the-shelf courses:

1. Alignment with Corporate Goals

Custom eLearning allows organizations to integrate their specific goals, values, and industry standards into the training content. This alignment ensures that employees receive targeted training that directly contributes to the company's success.

For example, a financial institution can develop custom modules focused on regulatory compliance, risk management, and customer service tailored to its unique business model and regulatory environment. This alignment enhances the relevance and applicability of the training, leading to better outcomes.

2. Tailored Learning Experience

Custom eLearning enables companies to create a personalized learning experience for employees based on their roles, skill levels, and learning preferences. Through interactive modules and assessments, that are designed based on modern instructional design strategies, learners can engage with content that resonates with their job responsibilities and challenges.

For instance, a sales team may benefit from scenario-based simulations that replicate real-world sales situations, allowing them to practice decision-making and customer interaction skills in a safe learning environment. This tailored approach increases learner engagement, retention, and application of knowledge in the workplace.

3. Flexibility and Scalability

Custom eLearning offers flexibility and scalability, allowing organizations to adapt and update training content as per evolving business needs, industry trends, or regulatory changes. Unlike off-the-shelf courses that may become outdated or irrelevant over time, custom solutions can be easily modified and expanded to meet emerging training requirements. This flexibility ensures that employees receive up-to-date information and skills training, enhancing their performance and adaptability in dynamic work environments.

4. Enhanced Branding and Culture Integration

Custom eLearning provides an opportunity to reinforce corporate branding and culture throughout the training experience. By incorporating company logos, colors, messaging, and examples relevant to the organization, custom courses foster a sense of belonging and alignment among employees. This integration of branding and culture promotes a cohesive organizational identity, improves employee engagement, and strengthens loyalty to the company's mission and values.

How to Design Effective Custom eLearning — 7 Amazing Tips

Crafting personalized learning journeys for your learners can make your corporate training impactful and lead to better achievement of learning outcomes and better training ROI. Here’s an infographic that entails seven amazing tips to ace custom eLearning development:

7 Tips for Effective Custom eLearning

It’s a Wrap!

Custom eLearning is one of the best approaches to training your workforce. It not only offers personalized learning but also involves your learners in the training process by facilitating interactive learning. This approach ensures active learner participation and boosts employee performance and productivity. All set to design custom eLearning courses to scale up your corporate training trajectory? Well, here’s an infographic that’ll help you design top-notch custom eLearning courses and weave a memorable learning experience for your learners. Download now!

Custom eLearning — How it Can Offer Personalized Learning Experiences [Infographic]