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4 Standard Colors that Influence the E-learning Process [Infographic]

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What are colors important? We use colors routinely in e-learning courses, what’s the big deal about colors and the meaning they convey? Do colors enhance and drive quick learning? Well, colors do impact learners’ mood and improve their focus on learning and they also draw learners’ attention to the key points.

But, do you know which color is right for your eLearning and its audiences? Let’s look at a few prominent colors and their impact on learning in the infographic below.

4 Standard Colors that Influence the E-learning Process [Infographic]

Hope you like it.

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  • Very cool topic!
    Definitely i’d like to read more about colours in eLearning, especially that in contemporary design basic colours are not widely used: gradients and shades are since they are fashionable. But can these be somehow used? And is there research on this topic?