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Handy Checklist To Deliver Error Free eLearning Course

Looking for a course with no flaws? Then, you need to carry a “must-have” checklist, when you develop an eLearning course. A checklist is something that reminds you of the things that you need to ensure in your end product. Every eLearning designer needs to have it on his desktop. Here is what an eLearning course must include.

Objectives and Content Creation:

  • Does the learning objective align with the content and assessments?
  • Is the course objective clear, and does it include the criteria for evaluation?
  • Is the content flowing properly?
  • Is the content free from grammatical errors? Is the course devoid of mistakes related to punctuation and capitalization?
  • Is the content properly chunked?
  • Is the learner properly examined and analyzed?
  • Does the course have a summary (depending on the client’s requirement)?


  • Do the assessments align with the objectives?
  • Are the questions clear and simple for the learner to understand?
  • Do the assessments have correct instructions, according to the activity?
  • Is the feedback clear enough for the learner to understand why he is correct or wrong? Tip: You can also help the learner reinforce his knowledge by telling him which screen he must refer to know why he is wrong or correct.
  • Is the assessment content covered in the course? 

Graphics and Fonts:

  • Does the course meet the standards of the client (visually)?
  • Is the course developed using standard templates, if any?
  • Does the course have all fonts used in the template?
  • Is the spacing and alignment proper?
  • Are the colors of fonts used correctly?
  • Are the images clear and not blurred?
  • Are the images relevant to the content and legally owned? If they are not owned, have you acknowledged their owners? 

Accessibility and Navigation:

  • Is the navigation of the course clear?
  • Are the relevant files clickable?
  • Are the links to websites clear? Do the websites open, when they are clicked? If you have placed PDF files, are they clickable? Do they open?
  • Have you placed all the resources in the Resource tab? 

Technical Issues:

  • Does the course load quickly?
  • Is the course accessible through all web browsers?
  • Is the Exit button working?
  • Are the files (PDF, MS-WORD documents, etc.) opening in all browsers?

While going for a quality check of a digital course, make sure you have checked all these points. Hope this blog helps you make your courses error free. Please share if you find anything that can add up.

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