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Requisite Characteristics of Effective Learning Events

An eLearning course consists of several learning events (A learning event is a learning point – a single bit of content/teaching that can’t be divided further. For example, the definition of leadership can be a learning event.) which together contribute towards making a course successful, engaging, and learner-centric. For this to be possible, we have to ensure that each individual learning event attains its prescribed outcomes successfully. So, what are these criteria which learning events should satisfy to be deemed effective?

There are four main elements essential for an effective learning event. The learning event should be:

  • Meaningful
  • Memorable
  • Motivational
  • Measurable

1. Meaningful Learning Events

Meaningful learning events help learners correlate the new knowledge with respect to their existing knowledge and skills. They help learners realize:

  • The skills they lack to perform their job effectively
  • The tasks they will be able to perform post-training


In other words, meaningful learning events help learners identify their learning needs and take appropriate steps to bridge the gaps between their current and expected performance levels.

2. Memorable Learning Events

This is perhaps the most desired requisite of a learning event. A successful learning event must facilitate easy recollection when needed. Several techniques can be used to aid memory, but we need to ensure that they fit the content appropriately and add value. A few techniques include the use of:

  • Mnemonics
  • Contrasting visuals
  • Icons


3. Motivational Learning Events

Motivated learners take up the onus of learning what they need. Lesser motivated people may just do the bare minimum needed to complete the course and forget the learning almost immediately. But fortunately, motivational levels are not rigid and can be improved. Hence, an effective learning event must motivate learners to learn, retain and apply learning in real-world situations. This can be attained by using engaging mechanisms in the eLearning course such as the following:

  • Interactivities
  • Videos
  • Scenarios


4. Measurable Learning Events

The main intention of any learning event is to improve performance – it could range from improving interpersonal skills to providing first aid to crash victims to conducting successful performance appraisals. Hence, learning events should also provide the scope to test learners’ achievement of the task. To this extent, learning events should:

  • Emphasize observable behaviors
  • Provide sufficient practice and appropriate feedback


All these elements assure that a learning event is successful in achieving its ultimate goal of increasing and supporting learners’ performance.

Ensure your learning events address all these issues and provide a holistic learning experience to your learners.

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