How to Align Your Learning Strategy to Authoring Tool Templates?


Free webinar for senior executives in charge of implementing training in an organization and learning design professionals, trying to understand the effective use of templates in eLearning authoring tools.

How to Align Your Learning Strategy to Authoring Tool Templates?

We know that learning strategy is based on the nature of training content. So, when we are developing online courses, we need to choose an authoring tool that is aligned with our broad learning strategy.

What is the authoring tool that best fits your learning needs? This is the question that will come up when getting your eLearning courses developed. There are number of tools out there in the market providing you with multitude of choices. How do you choose an authoring tool that meets your learning requirements? How does content analysis help in choosing the right authoring tool?

To learn answers to the above questions and more, join CommLab India’s live webinar on “Align Authoring Tool Templates for Effective Learning Strategies”.

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If you are:

  • a senior executive in charge of implementing eLearning,
  • an instructional designer who would like to enhance your knowledge of authoring tools or,
  • a training manager looking to use authoring tools for developing online courses,

you will find this webinar interesting.

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