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Discover How Blended Learning Can Spruce up Corporate Training

Blended Learning = Instructor-led Training + Online Learning+ Performance Support

Are you having difficulty increasing employee participation in your training programs? Don't worry, blended learning is here for the rescue. Blended learning is one such eLearning strategy that enables learners to access training at their own pace and with flexibility. This will help in boosting the efficiency of training programs.

In essence, blended learning is a hybrid of traditional classroom instruction and online learning. It is an adaptable eLearning strategy that provides a fun and active learning. By offering learners more control over when, where, and what they learn, blended learning empowers learners. Additionally, it increases the possibilities for offering ongoing learning opportunities in a range of forms throughout the learning process to support learners in becoming more effective. Scroll down to check out a few informative video snippets that talk all about blended learning.

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What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning as the term suggests, is a hybrid of traditional classroom training and eLearning that addresses different stages of learning to maximize learning. Blended Learning brings together advantages of both classroom training and eLearning to build a strong learning framework.

Benefits of Blended Learning

Blended learning, with its numerous advantages like cost and time effectiveness, ease of evaluation, self-paced learning, and even versatility is the solution to many new learner’s training requirements. Blended learning also assists employees in understanding their own weaknesses and strengths and working on them independently to become more efficient in their tasks.

Formats for Blended Learning

There will always be challenges when converting classroom training to online training but keeping up with the most recent developments in blended learning is also crucial. Furthermore, different blended learning formats like VILT, microlearning, or short interactive videos may be excellent ways to enhance your training.

Create eLearning that appeals to the 6 senses

Daniel H. Pink introduced a concept in his book 'A Whole New Mind,' where he discusses six aspects that appeal to the right brain. This concept can also be effectively applied to learning. Do you want to create more effective and engaging eLearning courses? Then, apply these six aspects to leverage eLearning:

  • Design
  • Story
  • Symphony
  • Empathy
  • Play
  • Meaning

Learning Analytics

Learning analytics is the collection and analysis of data generated by learners during their interactions with learning courses, but how do you use analytics to improve your future training? Watch our video to get insights about learning analytics.