Adobe Captivate 8: Responsive E-learning Authoring Tool

Adobe Captivate 8: Responsive E-learning Authoring Tool

Adobe Captivate has come up with the latest update “Captivate 8”. This version has a lot of new features added to it. Here I would like to share some of its features under the following heads.

1. Responsive project: This is the feature that stands out uniquely from the remaining authoring tools. You can create eLearning courses whose GUI adjusts according to the screen size of the device they are accessed from. With this you can publish one course that is compatible to all devices and browsers.

Responsive project

2. Responsive screen capture: With this feature you can create screen captures. These screen recordings responsively adjust their GUI according to the screen size of the device they are accessed from.

Responsive Screen Capture

3. Responsive themes: You can add a theme to your courses with customized color for desktops, tablets and the mobile devices.

Responsive themes

4. Geo location: This feature helps in tracking the location from where the learner is accessing the course.

Geo location

5. Native HTML5 animations support: This option allows you to add external HTML5 animations to your eLearning courses.

Native HTML5 animations support

6. Enhanced smart shapes: This new feature allows you to add the position to objects like image, text, border. Also its now easy to add the down and rollover state on the smart shape.


7. Enhancements Shared actions: With this you can create a shared action and reuse it for your entire project. In Captivate 8 you can apply parameters to the variables and literal.

Enhancements Shared actions

These are some of the new features in Adobe Captivate 8. Do you have additional information on this? Please do share!

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Yogesh Kumar is an Expert - Authoring Tools and Trainer at CommLab India. He is responsible for training the production team to work fast in rapid eLearning tools and research and working accordingly to clients requirement.

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