Replacing OHSAS 18001, What Will ISO 45001 Bring?

Replacing OHSAS 18001, What Will ISO 45001 Bring?

Replacing OHSAS 18001, What Will ISO 45001 Bring?

Workplace safety has been a constant concern for compliance officers. According to the International Labor Organization, every day 6,300 workers lose their lives due to unfortunate events at the workplace or work related diseases, which translates to one worker losing his life every 15 seconds.

But with the recently released first draft of ISO 45001, which will come into action by the end of 2016, compliance officers see a decline in the statistics shared above.

How is this possible? Let us see what ISO 45001 has to offer to workplace health and safety.

Context of the organization

This clause asks organizations to think about the internal and external problems applicable to their OHS management systems. It also underlines the requirements and expectations of your employees and concerned parties.

Leadership and Worker Participation

This is the new title given to clause 5, which was earlier confined to Leadership. Apart from the OH&S policy, jobs and responsibilities, this clause also involves participation and consultation. Compared to its predecessor, OHSAS 45001 describes in detail, how the nature of this process should be. Its significance has been augmented by appending it to the Leadership clause as the top management’s responsibility is emphasized.


This clause now addresses the risks and opportunities concerning the OH&S management system. The need for hazard identification is described in detail compared to OHSAS 18001 with a proactive outlook on it. There are sub clauses for risks and opportunities that offer a detailed description on which risks and opportunities are to be dealt with. It also clarifies doubts that crop up from the same clause in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Apart from these, it also involves the recognition of legal needs and scheduling measures to address the problems highlighted.


This clause covers all the assets required for an efficient OH&S management system. This proves to be better than OHSAS 18001 as all assets are in the same clause. One significant requirement in this clause is documented information.


This clause involves operational controls and emergency awareness and response.The new needs such as outsourced processes, procurement and contractors seem logical as outsourcing has evolved as a global trend.

Performance Evaluation

It includes examining and evaluating OH&S performance, estimating compliance obligations, internal audit, and management review. It includes most of the aspects of clause 4.5 of OHSAS 18001.


This clause involves incidents as well as non-conformities and corrective actions. There are certain changes in the sub clause Continual Improvement. It has been divided into two parts. The first part defines its objectives and the second part, its process.

The changes ISO 45001 has in store promise the reduction of risks and ensure the safety and welfare of your workforce. Hence, when it is finally implemented by the year end, your workforce may feel safer and secure during their work hours.

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