3 Ways to Boost Your Sales Force With Positivity

3 Ways to Boost Your Sales Force With Positivity

3 Ways to Boost Your Sales Force With Positivity

Is your sales force going downhill? Boost them up with a healthy dose of positivity. Positivity can lead to compelling results at the workplace. So, a boost in positivity would definitely lead to a boost in business outcomes. But how can you load your sales force with positivity? There are several ways positivity can be befriended. Let us see some of them.


If there’s anything your sales force craves for, that’s recognition. When an employee is appreciated for his efforts, he’s motivated to perform better. There’s nothing on par with the feeling, when the efforts put in to accomplish job responsibilities are recognized. Recognition further enriches employees’ confidence and they sense that they are an asset to the company. Even a pat on the back in the weekly and monthly meetings from the manager can do wonders in injecting positivity in the sales force.

A Globoforce study revealed that 78% employees stated that being recognized motivated them in their job.


Rewards should be given on a periodic basis in order to boost employees’ morale. A sense of pride follows any achievement; hence rewards such as cash bonuses, gift vouchers and trips can be very motivating. Any reward, no matter how small (can be even a pen or a paperweight) can motivate your sales force.They make the sales force go the extra mile and perform better. A healthy competitive spirit makes space for nurturing positivity amidst the sales force.


Feedback given to an employee plays a significant role in creating a positive environment. Hence, giving feedback should be a premeditated activity and not an impulsive one. You can give positive feedback to your sales force for a job well done and constructive feedback for a job that could have been handled better. Ensure to give negative feedback towards the end. Negative feedback won’t impact the employee adversely, in case given aptly. Rather, it would guide him in improving the areas he’s lagging behind in.

As Bersin puts it, “Managers need to provide a continual feedback process which focuses on employee’s future performance and career path. The sense of growth and development is a primary driver of employee engagement and managers who are highly effective in coaching and supporting employees outperform their colleagues by a 2 to 1 ratio in productivity, retention and performance.” 

How do large organizations foster positivity amid their workforce?


Employees of Twitter are privileged to enjoy rooftop meetings, friendly co-workers, and a team-oriented culture, where each individual is motivated by the company’s goals. They also enjoy free meals at their San Francisco headquarters, yoga classes, and unlimited vacations. What sets Twitter apart is the great and smart work environment where people love to work and ensure they don’t leave until they deliver their best for the day.


Google is known to be the trendsetter for many benefits and perks that exist today. It provides free meals, trips and parties, cash bonuses, open presentations by top executives, gyms, pet-friendly environment, etc. Google employees are supposed to be the best of the best, giving their best. May be the positivity in the air allows them to do so!


Facebook is another company people love to work with due to its positive work culture. It offers food, open office space, on-site laundry, focused teamwork, a competitive environment, and open communication. It nurtures positivity and provides lots of outdoor space for its employees to enjoy their breaks. The CEO, Mark Zuckerberg himself works in the open office space along with other employees. This in itself proves that there’s a sense of equality among the management and the employees.

Hope the blog could lend some ideas on how to inject positivity in your sales force. Only a positive sales force can churn positive outcomes.

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