3 Ways to Assess Your Employees’ Compliance Training Needs

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Gone are the days when huge Read and Agree documents were passed on to employees. Even off-the-shelf e-learning courses are no longer a solution for imparting effective compliance training to your employees. Why? Off-the-shelf courses might not encompass the exact values of your organization, they might not address the needs of your employees, their job roles, and more importantly, they might not support the preferred method of delivery. Therefore, personalized courses are the way forward.

In order to create personalized courses, needs analysis is a must. Let us look at 3 ways to assess your learners’ needs and make your compliance training courses more effective and relevant. 


Scenarios are not just a great way to train your employees on compliance, but also a great way to assess their knowledge. For instance, a scenario can take your employees through a set of compliance issues. At the end of each scenario, your employees need to answer multiple choice questions. A wrong answer will immediately offer feedback and also help you assess their knowledge regarding that compliance. Based on the wrong answers, you can decide whether to use an in depth approach to teach them or the scenario feedback is sufficient.

Example screenshot of scenario:

Example screenshot of scenario

Checkpoint questions

Checkpoint questions can be a great way to assess your employee knowledge on compliances. Let us take an example of a compliance course. Your employees, after completing a set of training modules can be given a checkpoint question on the knowledge they have gained in the previous modules. With this, you can not only assess their knowledge and needs, but also measure the effectiveness of that form of delivery. In this way, shifting from a certain method of delivery to a more effective one can make your compliance training more engaging and personalized.

Example screenshots of knowledge check scenarios:

Example screenshots of knowledge check scenarios
Example screenshots of knowledge check scenarios

Checkpoint questions not just help you assess your employees’ needs but also motivate them to do better or answer better the next time, increasing their attention span and interest levels in the courses.


Quizzes, as the name says, are a great way to quiz your way to your employees’ needs and knowledge. Quizzes which are interactive and engaging, using visuals can be rolled out to learn about your employees’ knowledge on various compliances and their preferred methods of compliance training delivery.

Example screenshot of quiz:

Example screenshot of quiz

These quizzes can be in the form of surveys or can be included at the end of your existing compliance courses. Both kinds of quizzes can help you assess their needs and address them in the next compliance training courses, making them more personalized.

Using these 3 methods of assessing, you can find out the needs of your employees and address them in your compliance training courses, making them more personalized and learner-centric.

How do you analyze your employees’ needs? Do let us know.

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