Virgin America Has Made Compliance Training a Joy. You Can Too!

Virgin America Has Made Compliance Training a Joy. You Can Too!

Virgin America Has Made Compliance Training a Joy. You Can Too!

“It’s irritating.” I don’t understand why I need to take this bland online course every year. It sucks.” “Oh, this course puts me to sleep.” “It’s a punishment taking this e-learning course.” Do you get similar responses when you ask your people to take an online compliance course? Well, you are not alone. In a survey conducted by SAI Global, 67% companies opined poor user-engagement is a barrier to the delivery of effective online compliance training.

How can you overcome this problem? What does it take to impart engaging compliance training? How can you develop e-learning courses on laws and regulatory norms that your people will love? Well, you need to follow the example of Virgin America. This California-based airline makes the best use of e-learning to deliver mandatory training programs. Check out an interesting course developed by the airline, which explains the safety procedures to be followed while flying.

Why is this online compliance course highly successful? Let us see.

Effective blend of entertainment and learning

Online compliance courses need not(and should not) be dry and boring. Many developers of online compliance courses wrongly believe incorporating the ‘element of entertainment’ could affect the effectiveness of the courses. This video dispels the myth and uses dance and music very efficiently to impart engaging compliance training. 

Good content that teaches learners how to follow prescribed rules

We have just seen online compliance courses need to be entertaining to engage learners effectively. But, at the same time, they need to be relevant to the needs of the learners and enable them follow the prescribed norms. After all, the very purpose of a compliance course is to ensure adherence to rules. Isn’t it? The developers of Virgin America’s video-based compliance training course understood this very well and made sure it helps learners follow in-flight safety procedures in an effective manner.

Proper use of video-based learning

The visual element of videos makes them very useful training tools. A study conducted by 3M Corporation revealed 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. The developers of Virgin America’s compliance training program have made the best use of the video medium to deliver engaging training on prescribed rules.

Short span of the course

Today’s learners are attention-starved. A recent survey conducted by Microsoft, revealed most Millennial learners have attention spans of just 8 seconds, shorter than a goldfish which can remain focused for 9 seconds. The dry nature of compliance courses only makes the problem of poor learner attention more complicated. So, developers of e-learning courses on legal and regulatory affairs need to break the learning content into self-standing micro-learning modules of about five to ten minutes. Virgin America’s video-based online course is a fine example of how bite-sized courses can be used to make compliance training engaging.

A judicious blend of entertainment and learning can go a long way in making online compliance courses highly engaging. You need to ensure your e-learning courses on laws and regulatory norms enable learners follow rules and prevent their violations. It is important to make good use of videos in your compliance courses. Make sure your compliance courses are short,so that learners can digest their content effectively. Hope you liked this post. How do you make compliance courses interesting? We’d love to know.

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