Harnessing the Power of Videos for Effective Product Sales Training

Harnessing the Power of Videos for Effective Product Sales Training

Ben is a product sales manager of a large consumer electronics firm. Recently, his firm launched a new LED television into the market. Ben was tasked with training his sales staff on the product. However, his boss told him that he could allot only a small sum of money for training. So, Ben decided to go in for a very cost-efficient and effective training medium – video. He created several good training videos for the sales people and had them uploaded on YouTube. Ben’s decision to use videos paid handsome dividends. Not only did the videos help train the sales people effectively, they went a long way in educating the customers about the benefits of the new TV.

Stories such as those of Ben are becoming commonplace in the corporate world. Many firms are using videos to impart training to their staff. According to Gartner, 2016, large companies will stream more than 16 hours of video per worker, per month (which is up from 10.8 hours in 2012 and 7.2 hours in 2010). Videos are very effective in generating leads for organizations. According to Forbes, 39% of executives called a vendor after watching an online video.

What makes videos ideal for product sales training?

Videos are highly cost-effective. They can be created at a fraction of the cost of other learning media. As product sales training budgets continue to shrink in real terms and the demands for the delivery of the best training are ever-increasing, videos are the preferred choice.

You can create videos in quick time, with minimum effort. All it takes to make a good product sales training video is a mobile device such an iPad. It is as simple as that. This feature of videos makes them the perfect product sales training format, especially when a company launches multiple products in a short period and the time available for developing training materials is limited.

Video-based training programs are very effective in delivering high-quality training. They help people connect instantly with the learning content. These media elements have a strong learner appeal and convey the message effectively.

The video medium is highly flexible and can be used in multiple ways. Videos serve as standalone training elements, or they can be embedded in online courses. They can also be uploaded on social-sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Learning videos are ideal for delivery of training on mobile devices. They can be used very effectively to deliver learning “on the go”. This makes them well-suited to train your sales people, whose jobs require extensive travel.

We will now see how to use videos effectively to provide good product sales training.

A few proven, interesting tips to harness videos to educate people on your products

Keep them short

Today’s sales people and customers have very short attention spans. A study by Microsoft has shown that Gen-Y learners (those born after 1980) have attention spans shorter than that of a goldfish. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that your product sales training videos are not lengthy, as they could disengage the learners. It is advisable to use micro-learning videos of about 90 seconds each.

Use videos to share customer testimonials

Videos are a great way to showcase how your product helped a customer solve his problem. A live person lavishing praises on your product goes a long way in convincing customers of the usefulness of your product. After all, seeing is believing. Isn’t it?

Conduct a video competition

Another cool way of educating potential buyers of the benefits of your products is to hold a video competition. You can ask your customers to submit videos of how they used your products and reward the best video. Whole Foods, a Texas-based supermarket chain specializing in organic food, held a video contest called The Foodie Fantasy Food Blogger Video Contest, where the prize was a trip to Europe for two.


Videos are cost-effective and provide the best ROI on your product sales training dollar. They are easy to make and engage your sales staff and customers very effectively. They are very flexible and ideal for delivery of training on mobile devices. Micro-learning videos are highly effective in educating people about your products. You can hold “customer video contests” and use the digital medium to share customer testimonials. Hope you liked this post. Do share your views.

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