A Valentine’s Day Story: The Product Sales Manager’s Crush on E-learning

A Valentine’s Day Story: The Product Sales Manager’s Crush on E-learning

Bob Dawson is the product sales director of a large consumer electronics company. His organization has been using the online medium to train its sales teams for the last 7 years. E-learning played a pivotal role in maximizing the firm’s ROI of training and enabled it to deliver training in a cost-effective and convenient manner. Bob started admiring the learning format, and over the years, the training medium became his soulmate.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Bob wrote a letter to his crush. Here are his feelings towards his lady love, e-learning, expressed in his own words.

My darling sweetheart,

Ever since you entered my life 7 years ago, I had some wonderful experiences. My heart fills with joy when I remember these special moments in our relationship.

Receiving a thunderous applause from the board of directors for delivering excellent training with 50% of budget

I still vividly remember that day when I told my boss about you. I told him that you would help me deliver the best training to my people. My boss had serious look at me and said, “Bob, how do you think e-learning is going to help us? We are at the peak of a recession and our budget is cut by half. I don’t believe that moving our training programs online would help.” I had a very tough time convincing him of your suitability. But, you did not disappoint me. You fulfilled your promise that you would enable me to impart training of the highest quality with my limited resources. I am proud of you.

Getting the Performer of the Company award for imparting high quality product training in record time 

My heart almost stopped when my boss told me to see that the sales people are trained on our new washing machine in two months. I was totally at a loss — training 10,000 salespeople in 45 states, speaking 20 languages, in 60 days seemed impossible. But, again, you came to my rescue. I could get a one hour online course developed in just 20 days, and then, I had it translated into the target languages in 21 days. I could meet the training requirement more than a fortnight before the expiry of timeline. Thanks, sweetie.

Winning accolades for the high quality simulations of Salesforce 

One morning, I received an e-mail asking me to develop learning programs on Salesforce, which we were implementing to improve our selling efficiencies. That afternoon, a meeting was held to discuss how things needed to proceed. I told that classroom sessions could be held to train the staff on the theoretical aspects of the software and simulations of the software would go a long way in helping learners master the steps involved in using the software. I also suggested that we could outsource the development of the simulations to an e-learning solutions vendor. Everyone in the room agreed, except one – the chief security officer of our company. He vehemently objected saying that sharing the login credentials with an external party could result in a data breach. Then, I told him that online software simulations could be developed without sharing the login credentials. He relented and the development of the simulations went ahead smoothly. A big thank you. my dear e-learning.

You have thus helped me perform my duties in a very effective manner. I am confident of reaching greater heights with your continued support.

Forever Yours,

Richard Dawson

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