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Top 11 Tweetable ERP Software Training Facts

Enterprise Resource Planning software saves millions of dollars to the organization. They are many factors that play a key role in the successful implementation of this software. One factor that is often neglected is training.

Here is a list of 11 facts that show the importance of training in ERP implementation.

  1. One of the biggest challenges related to ERP related projects is lack of Quality End User Training. (Source: Tek Systems, SAP partner)
  2. Training is one of the factors that contribute to successful ERP implementation. (Source: International Journal of Business and Management)
  3. Training is the most underestimated budget in ERP implementations. (Source:
  4. Evaluation of Training is mentioned in all ERP training plans but it is not frequently applied in practice. (Source:
  5. The second biggest skill gap in ERP Implementation projects is Training and Education. (Source: Tek Systems, SAP partner)
  6. One of the main reasons for Budget overages in ERP implementation is the expansion of project scope. This occurs due to poor understanding of the changes in the organization and poor training on those changes. (Source: Panorama Consulting)
  7. ERP Projects allocating 7% of the budget to training were significantly more successful than projects where only 4% of the budget went to training. (Source: Cushing Anderson of IDC)
  8. Best in class organizations that integrate training with daily business processes get the best benefits out of ERP solutions.(Source: Aberdeen Group)
  9. 55% of best in class organizations train new hires after the initial stages of ERP implementation. (Source: Aberdeen Group)
  10. Data from Gartner shows that many enterprises underestimate the resources it takes to train users on ERP systems. (Source: Tech Republic)
  11. 72% of ERP deployments end up exceeding the projected implementation time, in large part due to organizational problems, such as training failure. (Source: Panorama Consulting)

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