Infuse Your Training With A Dose Of Fatherly Love

Infuse Your Training With A Dose Of Fatherly Love

Infuse Your Training With A Dose Of Fatherly Love

Do you remember your first steps as a toddler, when your dad held your finger and helped you walk your way to glory? Now it is time to give Dads their much deserved credit. And what better occasion than Father’s Day!

As we thank our dads for their constant support in our lives, let us see how eLearning safeguards the corporate training scenario with its fatherly figure.

Just-in-time Support

You are about to check-in at the airport, when you get the shock of your life and realize your passport is missing. You are baffled, not knowing what to do and then you see your dad rushing toward you with your passport. How supportive! Similarly, mobile learning assists your sales reps with just-in-time learning. For instance, if a rep has an impromptu client call, he can refresh his product knowledge on the way to the client’s place by listening to a podcast on his mobile.

Customized learning

Just the way a father caters to the individual needs of his kids, eLearning cares for individual learners. eLearning can be customized to suit the needs of learners. For example, if your sales team and finance team need to be trained on accounting basics, your existing course can be customized for both the teams as per their departmental needs.


Every father wishes to give his kid the best but restricts him from being extravagant. Likewise, eLearning helps organizations reduce their training costs. E-learning courses are economical compared to classroom training, and can also be developed swiftly using rapid authoring tools.

Self-paced learning

A father knows every kid of his is unique, and so does eLearning. eLearning respects learners’ individuality. It knows every learner is unique, and hence gives them an opportunity to follow their own pace. A learner feels free to take the training as it is not imposed but rather left to his discretion. So he can take it at a desirable place, pace, time and  device of his choice.

Reinforces learning

A dad steps in where a mom calls it quits. He expects his child to remember and reinforces the values taught in childhood all through his life. Likewise, Microlearning, an offshoot of eLearning, helps reinforce training. As training starts to fade after a specific time gap, these short bite-sized modules enter the scenario and block knowledge from fleeing.

So, this Father’s day, let us pour out our hearts to the devoted dads who held our finger and helped us conquer the world. Let us adopt eLearning which has all the features of a great dad. It cares, supports, and reinforces. Besides that, it is time and cost-effective too. So, why delay?

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