Want Your Sales Reps to Give Killer Presentations? Here’s How You Can

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Want Your Sales Reps to Give Killer Presentations? Here’s How You Can

Gary is the product sales director of a large B2B selling organization. A few days ago, he was under flak for not being able to achieve the company’s sales targets for the quarter. Gary was worried and conducted a thorough analysis to find out what went wrong. He found the reason for the firm’s dismal performance – sales presentations of low quality. 

Many product sales managers face a similar predicament. Often, the failure of salespeople to make good presentations creates a poor impression on the prospect. How can this problem be overcome? Well, you need to train your reps effectively. Let us see how.

1. Help your salespersons know the target audience 

It is very important to know whom the presentation is aimed at and their needs. This helps develop the right content for the presentation, which addresses their needs. It is a good idea to analyze the data in your CRM system to develop the content for the sales presentation. Your CRM is a very good source of customer information, and analyzing it effectively can go a long way in the making of a good presentation. Knowing your target audience also helps you ensure the presentation addresses the right audience. Bill McCormick, founder and president of Sales Training And Results, Inc. (STAR), believes knowledge of the target audience enables you to “filter” the prospects thoroughly to determine whether they are the ready to buy your product.

2. Train your reps answer customer queries effectively 

This is the holy grail of product sales training. Salespersons who answer the questions of the prospects effectively often emerge successful. You need to see your reps do their homework properly before embarking on the presentation, to answer customer queries well. Mark Hunter, a sales training guru says good reps spend considerable time preparing for the questions they are likely to encounter (in many cases, spending more time than rehearsing the presentation of content).

3. Use videos to pitch more effectively 

Videos are very good tools to make your point. They break the monotony of bland bulleted lists and help your prospects connect well with the subject matter. Dustin Grosse, CEO of ClearSlide, a SaaS-based sales engagement platform, says that videos help personalize the presentation. Yaniv Masjedi, VP of Marketing, Nextiva and a sales ninja, echoes similar views and advises sales reps to move about the conference room and then present a video for the best results.

Good sales presentations are very effective in converting prospects into customers. You need to make sure the content of your reps’ presentations is relevant and addresses the needs of potential buyers. It is important to see your salespeople answer the queries of prospective buyers effectively. Using videos in the sales presentations helps drive home the message in an efficacious manner. You need to ensure your sales presentations are made to the right audiences. Hope you liked this post. How do you help your sales reps make good presentations? We’d love to know.

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