Don’t Commit the Biggest Mistake – Training Your Sales Reps to Sell

Don’t Commit the Biggest Mistake - Training Your Sales Reps to Sell

Don’t Commit the Biggest Mistake - Training Your Sales Reps to Sell

Yes, you heard me right. Your attempts to increase revenues will fail, if your salespeople try to hard sell your products. Instead, you need to focus on creating value for your buyers. Let us see how.

Help your people do the required homework about the customer 

This is the first (and arguably the most important) aspect of training your sales folk to create value for your customers. You need to help your salespeople do the necessary “groundwork” before approaching the prospect. It is a good idea to use buyer personas to train your sales force. Buyer personas provide valuable insights into the motivations and buying behaviors of your customers, and are very useful to help your salespeople understand their goals.

Develop effective listening skills to understand the buyer well

A good salesman is first a good listener. It is important to listen attentively to the customer to understand what he wants, and this goes a long way in explaining how your product creates value for him. You can train your sales reps on listening skills very effectively in a classroom setting. Sales coaches can ‘simulate’ actual selling situations, and these are very useful to train the salesperson comprehend customer needs and communicate the value proposition effectively.

Train them to articulate the unique benefits of your product

Efficient salespersons are adept at explaining the unique benefits of their products and how they create value to the customer. You can use mobile learning with a high degree of efficacy to train your salespeople on the benefits of your offerings. Mobile-compatible microlearning nuggets can be used to help your sales folk “master” the benefits of your products. These “inforsels” can also be used to provide good performance support to your sales reps.

Coach them to think about the ROI to the customer and explain it well

This is another important element in training your sales reps to create value for the customer. Your customers will be convinced of the value of your product, if your salespeople explain how it provides the best return on their investment clearly. Staying on with mobile learning, you can use job-aids which can be accessed on Smartphones and tablets to help your sales staffers explain the ROI effectively. For instance, you can develop a mobile app to calculate the expenditure the customer could reduce using your products, and determine the break-even period.

To create value for your customers, you need to help your sales reps understand the customer needs in an effective manner. It is important to help them articulate the benefits of the products well. You need to train your sales folk to explain the ROI of your products convincingly. What do you think?

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