Quick Tips to Rollout HIPAA Awareness Training

Quick Tips to Rollout HIPAA Awareness Training

Quick Tips to Rollout HIPAA Awareness Training

It is common knowledge that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which came into existence in 1996, protects health information provided to healthcare companies. You need to spread HIPAA awareness in your organization since there is a high risk of your employees losing personal information of patients due to computerized systems. I know, “But how?” haunts you. Let that be replaced with ‘Is it that easy?’


For your employees to take any training, they need to know the ‘why’ of the training. When you want them to undergo HIPAA awareness training, you need to clearly convey to them the objective of the training. Once they are convinced they are going to benefit from the training, they would not mind taking it. Prior to initiating the training, you can show them a video where the senior management is seen addressing employees stating the importance of HIPAA. A compelling message from top management would have an immediate impact on the psyche of the employees as when authority speaks, everybody listens.

Case studies

When you cite case studies to give your employees an idea of how to comply with HIPAA, you can use success stories followed by failures. This helps your employees understand what benefits will walk-in if they comply with HIPAA and the drawbacks they face if they fail to comply.Real life case studies that depict the unintentional revelation of patient privacy data, disclosing health information for commercial advantages and more can be discussed so that your employees understand how important it is to comply with HIPAA.

Real-life scenarios

Scenarios contribute a lot in training your employees as they give them an insight into the situation that they need to reflect on and take decisions accordingly. You can quote scenarios from your organization, where there was a HIPAA breach in the past and you had to pay a heavy price for it. You can tell them how non-compliance toward HIPAA can lead to monetary penalties and imprisonment.

To help them understand better, you can give a few scenarios such as a HCP discussing a patient’s private health information via phone in a public place, a minor’s information being released without the approval of a parent, an email containing private health information being sent over the Internet, etc. You can explain the consequences the organization had to face due to those HIPAA violations. This would act as a ‘What not to do’ session that provides them inputs on why to comply with HIPAA.

Awareness through one-way communication

Your HIPAA awareness training cannot be complete without communicating it to your employees. For that, you need to use posters, infographics, wallet cards, tent cards on cafeteria tables,etc. You can also invite them foropen house discussions and ask them to share their opinions. This would encourage them as they feel they are being involved in the training process.

Hence, to roll out HIPAA awareness training, you can use a video message from the senior management, videos, case studies and one-way communication methods for a quick rollout. Though you cannot remove the dull tag compliance training comes with, you sure can engage your employees with these methods.

How do you impart HIPPA training? Do share your experiences.

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