4 Super-Heroes’ Powers for Effective ERP End-User Training

4 Super-Heroes’ Powers for Effective ERP End-User Training

4 Super-Heroes’ Powers for Effective ERP End-User Training

Why do we like Super heroes? It’s because of their supernatural powers or supernatural weapons, isn’t it? For example, the superhuman speed of Clark Kent makes him Super-Man and the armored suit of Tony Stark makes him Iron-Man. Wondering what these super-abilities of super-heroes have got to do with ERP end-user training? It’s simple, to make your ERP end-user training more effective, it needs to have some of these superpowers of super heroes. In this blog, we will know what powers of super heroes can influence ERP end-user training to make it more effective.

The Speed of Superman

We know that Clark Kent possess superhuman speed and that makes him the Superman. It allows him to reach people in need of his help within no time. Similarly, speed is also necessary in case of ERP end-user training delivery. The ERP end-user training must be delivered before you go-live with the ERP software, which means along with the ERP implementation. Just like any delay from the Superman might lead to more trouble for the people, any delay in ERP end-user training delivery might lead to the loss of productivity in employees and exceeding the ERP implementation time and budget. So, your ERP end-user training must provide just-in-time support to end-users.

The Flexibility of Spider-Man

Super-reflexes and great flexibility make Peter Parker the Spider-Man. These spider-like superpowers give him the ability to crawl onto anything and jump onto any building. Similarly, the online ERP end-user training must be able to crawl into any device and fit into any screen size. With too tight schedules, employees may feel comfortable accessing training programs at their convenient time and place. So, your online ERP end-user training program must be accessible on a computer, a laptop, or may be an iPad or tablet. Responsive e-learning design with HTML5 support makes it possible for an e-learning course to adapt itself to any screen size.

The Evolution of Iron Man

A supernatural power may not need an upgrade, but a man-made power does, because of the rapidly evolving technology. Tony Stark may not have any supernatural power, but he constantly upgrades his armored suits with the latest ammunition. This helps him be the Iron Man who can easily tackle any super-villain made with new generation technology. Similarly, your ERP end-user training methods must evolve with time. Depending on the type of learners and the subject matter taught, you must upgrade your ERP end-user training methods. Incorporating the latest trends and technology into training helps your employees get trained effectively and stay in the race. For effective ERP end-user training, you can adapt online software application simulations.

The Size of Ant-Man

The ability of Scott Lang to shrink himself to the size of an ant makes him the Ant-Man. This power helps him to quickly change his size based on the situations he needs to tackle. Similarly, the size of an ERP end-user training session must also be minimized depending on the increasing complexity of the subject matter. Like the gaseous form of Pym particles kept in a compartment of the belt of his suit helps Scott Lang become an Ant-Man; one of the latest trends of e-learning, Microlearning helps you deliver the smallest possible form of training sessions your employees can easily digest with their tight schedules and lesser-than-goldfish attention spans.

These are some of the superpowers of superheroes I felt an online ERP end-user training program must possess. Hope you find this post helpful. If you have any such analogies to share, please share them in the comments section below.

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