Soft Skills Training for Sales Representatives Through E-Learning

Soft Skills Training for Sales Representatives Through E-Learning

Soft Skills Training for Sales Representatives  Through E-Learning

Training for sales representatives mostly emphasizes the technical aspects of selling. They are supposed to be well versed with the features, accessories and target audience of their product. But is technical know-how enough for your sales representative to make a sale? What about the non-technical soft skills responsible for client or prospect interaction? Soft skills are known to add value to the sale; they encourage assertiveness, empathy and create a bond that technical knowledge cannot beat.

People skills are as important as technical skills and sales representatives need to master people skills to sell better. However, most training managers find it hard to catch hold of the on-the-go sales representatives to provide classroom on soft skills. No worries, you can always rely on e-learning to provide the ultimate soft skill training courses.

Let’s see how you can leverage e-learning to deliver soft skill training to your sales representatives.

Create Learner Interactions

Soft skills’ training is wholly based on conversations and interactions and there is no better way than using scenarios to teach soft skills. However, just showing a scenario isn’t enough; you need to let the learner make the decisions. Decision-making scenarios help learners assess the ‘what’s next’ situation; for instance, you want to teach your sales rep how to close a sale, the best way is to create a scenario involving the sales representative and the customer, where the sales representative responds and makes a decision based on the customer’s query. This helps relate to the real life sales situations that the sales representative might face in the future. Here is a screenshot of a scenario-based learner interaction.

Learner Interactions

Gamify Soft Skills 

Games are a great way to impart soft skills; it is especially beneficial for sales representatives as it provides an immersive environment for them to develop their decision making and negotiation skills and strategic thinking. For example a sales representative’s job requires knowing about the features of the product, however you want to encourage cross selling among your sales department. For this, you can create a game where the sales representative needs to succeed at cross selling in a virtual environment and the sales representative with the most cross selling products to his name will be the ultimate sales representative. Such games bring about a sense of achievement while learning how to cross sell products.


Blended Learning 

Your soft skill training program will work best when there is a classroom and e-learning blended approach. Trainers have control over the learner’s progress, how and where and when to train employees this helps increase productivity levels.

The right learning blend will save valuable time, break the monotony and provide just-in-time training to your sales representatives.

Blended Learning

It is the soft skills of your sales representatives that will help them close a sale. Though technical skills are equally important, soft skills will help your sales representatives strike a chord with the customer. By creating interactions using gamification and delivering training via blended learning, you can deliver top notch soft skills training for your sales representatives.

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