How Scenario-based Learning Works Wonders For The Workforce

How Scenario-based Learning Works Wonders For The Workforce

How Scenario-based Learning Works Wonders For The Workforce

Ever wondered that the toughest lessons learnt in life are the ones we learn through our experiences? Scenario-based learning is somewhat similar to the aforesaid. Scenario-based learning, as the name suggests, is learning that occurs through scenarios. The learner is put across a real life scenario to enhance his comprehension of the intricate subject. Interactive scenarios are employed to aid active learning strategies. The knowledge and skills acquired through this learning approach can be implemented in real life situations.

Benefits of scenario-based learning

Enables future failures

Scenario-based learning offers the learner a secure place to fail and assists in creating the aptitude to fix the errors. This goes parallel with the real life workplace scenario where the employee may encounter a similar situation. But he knows the solution as he has already been put through that situation in the course. He learns to overcome the hurdles in the simulated situation and that provides him a foreground before he actually faces those in the real world.

Saves learning time

Time, as they say, is really precious and this learning technique saves learning time. It allows the learner go through the learning experience where he’s the decision-maker, decision implementer as well as the bearer of the consequences that turn up due to the decision taking. Since he’s the owner of the learning activity, the time consumed for learning is condensed.

Stimulates our memories

Visual media creates a powerful impact on our cognizance, when visuals are weaved around stories. Scenario-based learning courses are video enriched and hence succeed in developing a solid rapport with the master of the human body i.e., the brain. They elicit our memory by creating dominant connections in the brain and hence the acquired knowledge is retained for longer periods.

Tell tales

Stories are the best way to enforce learning on a learner without the learner realizing it. The story accomplishes the task by the free flow approach it attains. The intensity with which it penetrates the learner’s subconscious and inhabits there is incredible. Scenario-based learning weaves a relevant story around the seed of the concept that needs to be embedded in the learner’s mind. When learning ensues on the story track, retention is enhanced.

Promotes critical thinking

Scenario-based learning offers learners an opportunity to implement their knowledge and critical thinking into decision-making, problem-solving and discover issues. The learning objectives are best addressed through this approach as it provides a context to apply our best judgment.

Engages our emotions

Learners learn on reflection before entering the subsequent scenario and that helps in building patterns in their minds which proves they have received the learning. The quiz format offers an interrogative approach i.e. “What’s next?” thereby engaging our emotions and transferring the information to be restored from short term memory to long term memory.

The benefits of Scenario-based learning, as discussed in this blog, can be beneficial to training managers in training their sales force. Hope you found this blog helpful.

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