Making Use of Scenarios to Build A Winning Sales Training Program

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Making Use of Scenarios to Build A Winning Sales Training Program

In the business of selling, a sales rep needs to inform customers about a product and convince them to buy it; this means, he needs to influence consumer behavior. How can he do this? Effective conversations help him influence consumer behavior towards the product who may eventually buy it. But how can you train your sales repson effective conversations? Scenario-based e-learning comes into play here.

Scenario-based e-learning helps sales reps converse better as it involves the learners in situations that mimic real-life situations. They can experience how to build an effective conversation, what to do, what not to do, how to handle objections, how to relate their experiences to the context they are in, and more. Do you want to know what exactly is needed to build such scenario-based e-learning? Read on.

The first thing you need to do before you start developing scenarios for scenario-based e-learning is to gather all the information from the previous customer conversations (both successful and unsuccessful). Information such as the questions customers usually ask and the probable causes for objections are quite important to build more realistic scenarios.

Provide Contexts That A Sales Rep May Face on Field

Each scenario you provide must have a different context. For example, when a medical sales representative visits a doctor, he may be asked questions regarding the side-effects of the drug he is trying to sell; benefits of his product over the other similar drugs in the market; or the effects of the drug on people of different ages. All these can be considered different contexts and can be provided in different scenarios.

Educate Them on Dos and Don’ts

The scenarios must also educate about the dos and don’ts of a sales conversation. For example, how to start a conversation and how not to, how much to talk, when to interrupt and when not to, and more.The scenarios must show the consequences of both the cases so that they know which actions of theirs can cause the sale to be unsuccessful.

Handle Customer Objections

Sometimes, customers may not be happy with the data your sales reps provide and may try to resist your deal. The e-learning scenarios must address such situations and offer suggestions to handle them. These scenarios must include all possible objections and the techniques to overcome them.

Involving sales reps in such scenarios will make them more confident to converse with customers in real life. Hope you find this blog helpful. Please share your thoughts through your comments.

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