Sales Wars – The E-learning Saga

Sales Wars - The E-learning Saga

Sales Wars - The E-learning Saga

Proper training goes a long way in enhancing the performance of your sales staff. It provides good knowledge of products to sales people and helps them communicate the value of the products effectively. Well-trained sales reps can hold intelligent conversations with the customer and close deals better.

Companies have traditionally relied on the classroom training format to impart the required knowledge and skills to their salespersons. However, in recent years, many organizations have been adopting online learning methodologies to train their sales teams. E-learning is highly flexible and enables sales staffers to access courses on the move. Furthermore, online learning modules are cost-effective and can be developed rapidly, which makes them an ideal tool to “synchronize” training with frequent product launches.

Let us now see how e-learning can be used to enable your sales people sell more.

Reps can be trained to explain product benefits convincingly

It is rightly said that people don’t buy a product, but buy the benefits it offers. It is VERY IMPORTANT to ensure that your sales folk are able to explain how your products provide effective solutions to the problems of prospective buyers and the best value for their dollar.

You can use online courses containing problem-based learning elements such as scenarios and case studies to help your people identify the needs of the customer and tailor their conversation accordingly. Consider the following scenario.

A sales rep of a pharmaceutical company is trying to convince a doctor to prescribe his firm’s newly-released antibiotic. He understands the doctor is more interested in knowing the price of the drug. He quickly shifts the focus of his discussion from clinical aspects to the coverage of the drug by major healthcare plans. 

Knowledge of alternate products can be imparted effectively 

Many a time, customers may not find a product of your firm useful. This doesn’t mean your sales folk cannot sell to them. You may have other products in your portfolio which may satisfy the buyers’ needs perfectly. Therefore, it is essential your sales people are fully aware of various alternate products in the portfolio.

M-learning can be used with a high degree of efficacy to train your sales teams on alternate products. You can create mobile-compatible charts which list the various products that can be used to meet the needs of prospects. Consider the following scenario.

A salesman of an insurance company is interacting with the finance manager of a large manufacturing firm, trying to sell his firm’s group insurance policy. The manager declines to buy the policy stating the price of the premium is too high. The sales rep accesses a chart by opening a mobile app on his iPad and finds a product that is within the prospect’s expected price range. 

Ability to “deal” with competitor products can be delivered 

Your reps need to have good knowledge of your competitors’ offerings. This information helps them explain how your product is superior to those of your competitors, and needless to say, enables them to close the sale effectively.

Staying on with mobile-compatible charts, you can use these tools to provide information about the products of your competitors and help your reps highlight the superior features of your products. Check out this scenario.

A salesperson of a medical device company is conversing with the purchase committee of a hospital about her organization’s new EEG machine. One of the members of the committee points out that a similar product was offered by the firm’s competitor at a slightly lower price. The rep opens a comparison table on her Smartphone and explains that her company provides free maintenance of the machine for 10 years, while the competitor doesn’t offer such a service. 

Effective training plays a key role in the success of your sales teams. Many organizations are using e-learning to equip their sales people with the necessary knowledge and skills. The online medium is very useful to train your people “align” their conversations with the needs of customers. It can be used to provide good knowledge of alternate products in your portfolio and showcase the superiority of your products. Hope you find this post interesting. Do share your views.

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