Top 3 Trends in Sales Training

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Top 3 Trends in Sales Training

Rapid changes in technology and changing learner preferences are the prime reasons for changes in the training delivery landscape. Among all, product sales training is being primarily influenced by these changes. Let’s take a look at the 3 major trends that have emerged in product sales training due to the dynamic technological innovations.

1. Blended Learning

In recent years, many organizations have adopted the blended learning approach. It is the combination of traditional learning (classroom training) and web-based learning. It is one of the growing trends in sales training. A research by Brainshark states that, it takes about 10 months or more for a new sales rep to be productive. So to help newly hired sales rep increase their sales within a short time, rigorous training is needed, and this is possible through a blended learning approach.

For example, the complex functions of the product can be explained in the classroom by an instructor. And then, job-aids that include the checklist of the dos and don’ts of using the product can be provided.

Blended Learning

2. Micro-Learning

Microlearning is the latest buzz word in the e-learning industry. Microlearning comprises of 5-10 minute short modules that aim at achieving one learning outcome at a time. This feature of microlearning makes it appropriate for online product sales training. Since sales reps are always on the go, they can refer these modules anytime they are in doubt from any place and any device.

For example, a microlearning unit can be created for pharmaceutical sales reps listing the indications and contraindications of a drug. The sales rep can simply brush up his knowledge about the drug by reviewing this module before he meets the doctor.


3. Video-based Learning

Video-based learning is yet another favorite trend in the e-learning industry. This is because about 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual. Videos keep learners engaged throughout and also help them retain information for a long time. In sales training we can use videos to demonstrate the working of a product, its replacement procedures, and so on. Also, to motivate new sales reps, they can be shown a video of a senior sales manager sharing his success story and talking of the importance of the training before they take the actual classroom training.

We can also create videos that explain the working of a product, which helps the sales reps understand in an effective manner.

Video-based Learning


These 3 trends will ensure you deliver effective product sales training to your sales reps. Follow these trends and ensure your product sales training initiatives are a big hit. I hope you find this blog informative. Do share your thoughts.

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