Sales Training Tips – Know How You Can Help Your Sales Reps Sell More

Sales Training – How Important Is It?

Sales Training Tips - Know How You Can Help Your Sales Reps Sell More

Sales reps are critical to the success of any organization. In today’s dynamic market conditions, selling has become hard with Millennial customers, complex and multiple products. So it’s important they become experts on the products they sell, identify buyer challenges and offer appropriate solutions – all of which calls for effective training programs.

But sales people are constantly on the move, struggling to hit the month’s targets. For them, only the activities linked to making a sale are interesting and relevant. Now let’s face it, do you still think conventional training programs will be of any use to them? No right. So what is that you can do as a sales training manager?

Put sales materials online for quick access

Every product manager creates lot of collateral such as handouts of product specifications, webinars, sales kits, etc. These materials, if converted to online resources and given access to at the point of sale, can help the sales rep in closing the deal.

With rapid e-learning authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline, Lectora Inspire, etc., the materials can be converted quickly to online resources. All you need to do is upload them to your portal (CRM, LMS, etc.). This enables the sales team search and access the material they need for their specific sales situations.

Develop engaging product training courses

Sales teams should be trained on different product lines and how your company’s products are better than your competitors. This sort of training must be more than mere information transfer. This content can be presented with animations, videos, and simulations.

Create customized sales kits

Sales kits are very important at the point of sale, so a generic kit with huge information will not work. Each piece of your sales kit must be customized, taking into consideration the target audience, industry, and challenges – directly related to the buyer’s situation.

For instance, if the sales rep is talking to a prospect from the banking industry, he must have case studies/testimonials related to the banking industry in his kit and not those of the retail industry. You can create online curricula with kits, each customized for a specific industry.

Share success stories using videos

It’s a fact that people learn more from experiences – their own and others’. For instance, how one sales executive won a deal in the banking sector and how he closed the deal can be captured in a video and shared with other reps. This sharing will help other reps learn and handle such situations with confidence.

These small initiatives will help you train, motivate, and reinforce your sales reps. What are you waiting for? Do share if you wish to add to the list.

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