5 Sales Training Tips to Build The Team Of Sales Supermen

5 Sales Training Tips to Build The Team Of Sales Supermen

5 Sales Training Tips to Build The Team Of Sales Supermen

Like in Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’, you cannot initiate a superhero recruitment and hire the stars to build a top performing sales team. Can you? You have to hire people who have the potential to build the skills needed to sell. And ‘skill’ does not mean they talk a lot about your product, somehow convince the client, and sell the product. A true sales person must also be a good listener. First completely listen to clients’ problems and then talk about your solutions.

No skill can be acquired overnight; even Ironman had to train himself for a considerable period of time to fly, and selling skill is no exception. Your sales team has to undergo the necessary training. So, let us see a few sales training tips that can help your sales force become a team of sales supermen within no time, may be not as fast as the Ironman.

1. Set measurable and motivating goals

It’s common knowledge that adults need to know what’s in it for them; what will they have at the end. Without any light at the end of the tunnel, they will not probably try to go through it. So, you must communicate the goals of the sales training program even before you deliver the sales training. Bland or non-measurable goals will not do; you need to have measurable performance goals for measurable improvements. Apart from being very clear, it’s also important that your goals be motivating to pump up your employees for achieving them.

2. Deliver engaging content through e-learning

It’s important that your sales team has sufficient knowledge about the products they sell. A sales person without product knowledge is least equipped to successfully close a sale. Educating your sales team on the product details can help boost their confidence while selling. The knowledge allows them to identify the client’s pain and suggest the best products that match their requirements and solve their problems. But as any sales team is always on-the-go, it’s quite challenging to get all of them under one roof and get trained time-to-time. E-learning is perfect for such environments as it allows your sales reps to access information on the go.

3. Provide real-life scenarios

When you have to perform in a practically challenging environment, only theoretical information is not sufficient. Selling products is one such environment. Your sales reps have to experience how a real-life situation can put them in a state where they would have no clue how to tackle the issue. So, along with all the necessary information, you must also provide activities that involve the learners in close to real-life scenarios. Your sales reps can get an idea of how the situations can be and be better prepared to handle such situations.

4. Have a Leaderboard & reward the leader

Many like to compete, but all love to win. So, create a leaderboard in the LMS and while you provide activities imitating real-life scenarios, you can reward points for the learning they correctly apply in the scenarios. Having a leaderboard will help you identify who performs the best and who still lags behind, but it also creates a competitive learning environment. The leaderboard will motivate learners to score as high as possible and rewarding the top scorer will motivate him to continue performing better.

5. Provide feedback

After the activity, providing feedback on their performance and the learning applied is important. Telling them that they are right or wrong is not sufficient. If the learner answers incorrectly, you must explain why he is wrong, what the correct response would be, and why that would be correct. If the learner answers correctly, you must explain why he is correct and give some examples of what would be not correct.

Provide feedback

Including these tips in your sales training will help you build an effective sales team that could be as strong as The Avengers, may not be with superpowers, but with super sales skills. Hope you find this post helpful. Please share your thoughts through your comments.

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