Convert Your Sales Kits Into Powerful Online Learning Arsenal

Convert Your Sales Kits Into Powerful Online Learning Arsenal

Convert Your Sales Kits Into Powerful Online Learning  Arsenal

To remain successful and competitive, organizations need to ensure that their sales force is equipped with the right set of tools that help generate business.

A sales kit is one such tool which contains information about your company, products, promotion material and all other information that aid in closing the deal.

But if you look at the stats, sales reps typically spend hours digging through voluminous material for the information – during the critical time they should be talking to prospects. According to IDC survey, sales reps shared that it takes 9.5 hours a week for them to search for needed information from their kits.

Now let’s face it, don’t you think this conventional sales kit will be of no impact or of little use to salespersons in the current scenario of multiple products, B2B websites and millennial customers on board?

So what do we do? Here are a few tips to convert this humble sales kit into a power-packed arsenal in the hands of the sales person to be used at the exact time of sale.

Put them online for quick access

The various pieces of the sales kit can be made available online. These online materials can be individually uploaded to any portal (CRM, LMS etc.). This enables the sales team to quickly search and pick the material they need for their specific sales situations. This flexibility of accessing the materials quickly and easily at the point of sale will result in better winning customers.

Put them online for quick access

Customize your Sales Kit

Your sales team will have only one opportunity to make the best impression. You can’t take a chance with standard material or brochures at this stage. Each piece of your sales kit must be customized taking into consideration the target audience, industry, and challenges – directly related to the buyer’s situation.

For instance, if the sales person has to sell to a prospect from the Retail industry, he must have case studies/testimonials of the same industry in his kit and not that of the manufacturing industry.

Make the Sales Kit Compelling

Sales Kits comprise lot of information (stack of files) such as brochures, Insight maps, Sales sheets and are huge. So seldom will your sales force show interest in going through or using the boring material.

When converting the material online, you can make them compelling. You can add visuals or Avatars to add life. Learners will be excited when avatars are used to provide advice, tips and highlight important points.

Make the Sales Kit Compelling

Make the Sales Kit Compelling

Quick Updates of Use Cases and other Collateral

Use cases provide insights on how your product has achieved specific goals and can be useful in convincing customers. According to Budget and Trends report, 70% of B2B marketers say that use cases are essential tools for generating sales. So it is important to ensure that your use Cases are up-to-date and current.

Online materials developed using rapid authoring tools can be edited easily as they don’t need any programming language. You can update the content in quick time, whenever you want.

Timely access to just-in-time information separates the winners from the losers. So it’s time to think of some new strategies to convert your sales kits into powerful online arsenal. Do share if you wish to add to the list.

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