Using Technological Tools For B2B Sales Enablement: 3 Proven Tips

Using Technological Tools For B2B Sales Enablement: 3 Proven Tips

Using Technological Tools For B2B Sales Enablement: 3 Proven Tips

How can you increase the sales of your product in today’s fiercely competitive world? What does it take for your people to sell products efficiently? Well, you need to focus on a critical aspect – use of technology.

The proper of use of technology for sales enablement goes a long way in ensuring the success of a modern business organization. Scott Brinker, co-founder and CTO, ion interactive, believes that effective utilization of technological tools is essential for companies to reach their sales targets in the digital realm. But, he quickly points out that the changes firms need to make to reap rich dividends from technology have often little to do with the technology itself. In other words, it is not the technology that makes the difference but how you use it.

Today, we will look at a 3 tips to harness the full potential of technology for sales enablement.

Tip # 1: Develop a unified technological platform for all customer facing teams

It is essential to have a “single view” of the customer to enable sales efficiently. The research report Leveraging the 360 Degree Customer View to Maximize Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Potential states that most organizations with impressive bottom lines break the silos into which customer data is organized, viz. CRM, marketing automation, contact center, help desk, back office, to make sure that that all teams are on the same page when dealing with a customer. The report also points out that this helps create better customer experiences. After all, you wouldn’t like to make a new-customer offer to a decade old account. Would you?

Tip #2: Identify how technology can help you sell better 

Companies often focus on selecting, integrating, and operating sales enablement technologies. While this is important, organizations need to pay more attention to help their staff “actually utilize” the technology to conduct sales enablement activities, such as executing campaigns. Brinker believes that for this to happen, firms need to look beyond the conventional annual marketing plan. He says that agility and adaptive feedback are the keys to unlocking the power of technology.

Tip #3: Create a technology-centered sales enablement culture 

A tech-oriented culture is vital for making the best use of sales enablement technology. Jason Heller of McKinsey belives that the secret behind successful usage of sales enablement technology is a conducive culture. He says that a “proper” culture can help overcome the challenge of changing set operational models, and this is necessary when new technologies are implemented. He stresses the importance of the participation of the top-brass in the adaption of sales enablement technologies. It is very important to bring out cultural change agents and legacy operating rhythms need to go digital. 

The proper use of sales enablement technologies helps companies to meet quotas efficiently. Organizations need to develop a technological platform to provide a single, accurate picture of the customer by consolidating data collected by various customer facing teams. They can make the best use of sales enablement technologies by identifying how it can be used to perform selling activities in an effective manner. Firms need to build a culture that is open to using technology for sales enablement. Hope you liked this post. Do share your views.

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