Gear Up for Safety, Get in The Groove with E-learning [SlideShare]

Gear Up for Safety, Get in The Groove with E-learning

According to BLS 2014 workplace fatality preliminary data, on about 8 million worksites around the nation, on an average, almost 90 employees a week or more than 13 workplace deaths per day occurred in 2014.

This appalling statistic shows the unfortunate scenario of workplace injuries. One of the reasons that might contribute to this plight could be the ineffectiveness of safety training imparted by the organizations to its employees. Why the safety training though delivered by the organizations might not be effective enough? More often than not employees aren’t enthusiastic to receive safety training and view it only as an obligatory requirement that doesn’t need to be fulfilled. The online safety training courses might not be designed keeping in mind the needs of the learners which might be another reason contributing to this scenario.

So what should organizations do in order to make their online safety training programs effective? The safety training courses should be engaging and fun along with being informative. They need to be optimized by taking into consideration the learner needs and designed accordingly. Effective safety training not only ensures employee safety but also shows the employees that the management cares about their welfare, reduces the costs of injuries and accidents, and reduces the asset damage.

Want to know more about how safety training can be made more effective? How can organizations improve their performance by investing in safety training? Can it be cost-effective? If these questions intrigue you check out the SlideShare Gear Up for Safety Get into the Groove with E-learning which answers the above questions and provides information on the following

  • What are some of the reasons for the safety training programs not being effective?
  • How to improve the performance of organizations by investing in safety training?
  • What are the cost effective ways to impart safety training?
  • What measures can be taken to ensure the success of safety training?

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