Role-Based Training For ERP End-Users

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Role-Based Training For ERP End-Users

Proper end-user training is an important key to a successful ERP implementation. Training on such complex software applications requires more practical training than theory. So, how to provide practical training on the ERP software? Well, the answer is quite obvious, by exercise. You need to have a proper exercise plan and ensure if the plan accurately reflects the jobs of end-users. That is, the exercise plan needs to focus on what is more important for the end-user to practice, i.e., the tasks he performs more often. But the less time you have for the rollout of the ERP software, the more you tend to hurry to finish the training. This may lead to the job processes not being reflected in the exercise plan and you may face more problems after go-live. So, how can you ensure that your exercise plan reflects the job of the end-users accurately when you have many employees with different job profiles? Simple, delivering role-based training approach makes it possible. How? Read on.

What is Role-Based Training Approach?

Role-based training approach allows you to deliver training based on the role of the end-users, i.e. they are trained on the functions and processes relevant to their job. For example, the end users of the ERP software are from departments such as finance, HR, marketing and sales. These end-users are trained only on the concepts and modules relevant to their work.

Why Role-Based Exercise Plan?

With so much to learn in the ERP software, end-users cannot remember all the functions. Also with shrinking training budgets, you are expected to make the best use of it. A role-based exercise plan ensures learners practice only the tasks that are related to their job. It ensures training is at a swifter pace.

How to Deliver Role-Based Exercises?

When you want to deliver role-based ERP exercises, you need to choose the right method of delivery. What can be the best way to deliver role-based ERP exercises? Software application simulations can be very effective in such a scenario. You can develop software application simulations of all processes and procedures of the ERP software and deliver them based on the related job of the end-users. Such a method helps you make the best use of the training budget provided and also makes learning quicker and easier.

This is how role-based training ensures proper exercise plan of ERP end-user training. Hope you find this post helpful. Please share your thoughts through your comments.

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