5 Questions that Help You Train Your Salespeople Well

5 Questions that Help You Train Your Salespeople Well

5 Questions that Help You Train Your Salespeople Well

Companies spend billions of dollars on training their sales folk, every year. But how can they ensure their sales training initiatives are effective? What does it take to build a winning sales training program? Well, answers to the 5 questions listed below go a long way in the development of a good program to train your sales staff.

  1. Do the reps know the buying cycles of industries into which they sell?

    You need to train your sales reps thoroughly on the buying cycles of the industries you serve. It is important to remember that each industry has its own buying cycle. For instance, the demand for the services of firms that provide equipment maintenance support to automobile companies is likely to increase after spring and fall, when the demand for cars reaches its peak. Providing this information in your sales training program enables your reps to time their efforts right.

  2. Who are their most frustrated buyers?

    Many sales reps often talk about their satisfied customers but seldom discuss frustrated prospects. To build a good sales training program, it is important to know why your salespeople failed to impress some potential customers. This would help you understand where your sales staffers have gone wrong. Armed with this information, you can train your reps effectively so that they don’t repeat the mistakes.

  3. Are your people aware of the sales process?

    You need to ensure the sales force is trained well on your sales process. Good knowledge of the sales process helps reps manage the sales pipeline very efficiently. According to a study conducted by Aberdeen, best-in-class firms are 28% more likely than others to ensure that the sales process finds a place in their training programs.

  4. Do they get the timing of the sale right?

    The timing of the sales initiative often determines its success or failure. If you approach a buyer who is not yet prepared to purchase a product, you efforts go in vain. On the other hand, if you approach the prospect too late in the buying cycle, there is a danger of competitors pitching in. So, you need to train your salespeople to get the timing of their efforts right.

  5. What are the strategies used by your sales people?

    It is very important to know how your salespeople approach a buyer. Do they launch a “frontal sales charge”? Or, do they prefer a more calibrated approach where they study the customer well and try to change his buying criteria to match what they sell? The answer to this question helps you develop a sales training program that yields the desired results.

    To train your sales people effectively, you need to be aware of your reps’ knowledge of the buying cycles of industries you serve. It is important to find out who their most frustrated customers are and why. You need to ask your sales folk whether they understand the sales process and get the timing of the sales right. It is essential to quiz reps on the strategies they follow. Hope you liked this post. We’d love to know.

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