Effective Product Training to Reduce the Loss of Cross Selling Opportunities

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Effective Product Training to Reduce the Loss of Cross Selling Opportunities

Recently, a sales rep of a mortgage company visited me. I told him I was looking to buy a property in downtown Hyderabad and wanted to know about his company’s products. The rep explained the various products of his firm very clearly and detailed how they were better than those of his firm’s competitors. I liked one of the products and purchased it. The salesperson also offered me a loan protection insurance product which was highly aligned with my needs, and I bought it – another successful cross-sale for the skilled sales rep.

I am sure most of us must have purchased related products at some point or the other. In fact, cross-selling is one of the most important ways of making people buy products. Good sales people have the ability to convince customers of the benefits of related products. And, the ability to cross-sell can be acquired through proper product training. Let us see how.

Effective product training for increasing cross-sales

Before we see how product training programs help sales staffers cross sell, let us look at a few “components” of a good product training program.

  1. Buyer persona – Who is the buyer? What are his needs?
  2. Comprehensive information of the product – What are the benefits of the product? Why should the customer buy the product? What are the related products and alternate products (products which may be offered to the customer if he declines to buy the ‘main’ product)?
  3. Use of the product – How does the buyer use a product? What are the different ways in which the product can be used?

We will now examine how these enable sales reps cross sell.

Buyer persona

Creating a comprehensive buyer persona goes a long way in understanding the needs of potential customers. This allows you to cross sell effectively. For instance, a salesman of a computer showroom who knows that a customer needs to protect his data can sell an anti-virus software application along with an operating system.

Comprehensive information about the product

Having comprehensive information of various products offered by the company can help salespersons make effective cross sales. Staying on with the example of the computer showroom salesman, he can cross sell accessories such as pen-drive, mouse etc. when a customer purchases a laptop.

Use of the product

Different customers may use the same product in different ways. For example, a laptop may be used by a CPA to run QuickBooks (an accounting software application), while his nine year old son may use it to play computer games. A salesman who knows how the product is being used can sell more efficiently. In this example, the salesman can offer Xbox gaming software to the CPA along with QuickBooks.

Thus, good product training helps your sales staff cross sell in an effective manner and increase your bottom-line revenues. Hope you liked this post. Do share your views.

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