Making the Best Use of Videos to Train Your Sales Force

Making the Best Use of Videos to Train Your Sales Force

Making the Best Use of Videos to Train Your Sales Force

Video-based learning – the hottest corporate training trend is dramatically transforming the way sales people are trained. Bland bulleted lists of product features and boring sales coaching are things of the past. Today, many companies are using videos to create highly effective training programs for their reps, rapidly, with minimum expenditure. According to a study by the E-learning Industry, by 2016, 83% of organizations are predicted to use video as part of their digital learning.

What makes videos the preferred choice to deliver product sales training?

  1. Videos are easy and cost-effective to produce. All you need to shoot a video is your mobile device. It is as simple as that. This makes them ideal tools to deliver product training, as sales training budgets continue to shrink.
  2. The video medium can be used to build engaging product sales training A study by the MIT revealed that video-based learning can go a long way in improving learner engagement levels.
  3. Videos are highly flexible. You can use them as standalone training tools or embed them in your e-learning courses.
  4. These media elements can be accessed very effectively on mobile devices, helping companies provide good JIT support.

OK. How to produce good product sales training videos?

  1. You need to get the script right. A good script is the cornerstone of an effective product sales training video. To develop a high impact script, you need to get answers to the following:
    • What is your product all about (in a couple of sentences)?
    • What is the buyer persona?
    • How can the product help meet the needs of the target buyers?
    • How does it function?
  2. See that the length of the video is not more than 10 minutes. Most sales people access the videos while on the move, and short videos can be delivered on mobile devices with a high degree of efficacy.
  3.  Most sales people use videos to demonstrate products to prospects. So, make sure that the video explains what the product can do for the potential buyer and not dole out its features.
  4. If your budget permits, see that the product sales video is narrated by a professional voice. A professional voice makes your video sound more appealing.
  5. Include an element of fun. People love to be entertained and your sales reps are no exception. Adding a little humor to your sales training video can help your learners ‘connect’ better with the course.
  6. Make sure you don’t go overboardwith visuals. Remember you are not creating a Star Wars movie, but only trying to get your message across.

How are companies using videos? A few examples would help.

Bremer Brace, an orthotic and prosthetic equipment manufacturer uses videos to train its sales staff and customers on its products. The firm has developed several bite-sized learning videos and uploaded them on YouTube, enabling its staff and extended enterprise to learn about the features and functioning of the products. Here is one of the videos.

MAN Diesel & Turbo SE, a German manufacturer of turbo-machinery uses videos to help its staff demonstrate the working of its products and educate its customers. The firm uses short, animated videos to explain how its complex machines work in a very effective manner.

One of our clients in the pharmaceutical space uses video-based learning to train its sales reps to handle the objections of doctors efficiently. The company has developed several micro animated video-based e-learning modules, each addressing a potential objection. Given below is the screenshot from one of the videos.

Videos Screen Shot

Videos are ideal tools to deliver effective product-sales training. They are cost-effective and engage learners effectively. Videos are highly flexible and can be used to provide good JIT support. To create a high impact product sales training video, you need to come up with an effective script. You need to make sure that your videos are short and explain how your products benefit the customer. It is advisable to use a professional voice to narrate your video and add an element of humor. Hope you liked this post. Do share your views.

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