Product Training or Sales Training – Which One is Yours?

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Product Training or Sales Training - Which One is Yours?

Sales training and product training are like the two sides of a same coin. Your sales professionals need to be trained on sales skills along with product knowledge to make them sell better. Let us see what is product and sales training.

Product Training: Product training is training the sales team on the nuts and bolts of the product. This gives the learner a complete description of what the product is, its features, benefits, advantages, disadvantages, cost, market, competitors, etc. I t also includes the problems that can arise with customers and how to solve them.

Sales Training: Sales training is more about how to help the customer connect his/her problem with the product. It is all about creating value. Here the idea is to provide sales team the skills with which they become confident enough and can discuss how their product can help and deliver results.

In other words, product training is about what you know about your product, whereas sales training is how perfect you are at retrieving what you know and apply it in a significant way to your customers’ problem.

Which is more important?

Many times, sales force are so passionate, they think they can solve customers’ problem within minutes. They forget that the customer would appreciate if the solution provided is in his interest.

Suppose the sales team has exceptionally perfect knowledge about the product, the real challenge comes when they are unable to relate their offerings to the prospect. And this happens when we do not understand the exact requirement of the customer. Because we don’t care to listen what he is suffering from, but start explaining what we have for them. This is the biggest gap which needs to be filled, so that the correct knowledge of the product can be used to relate to the requirements of the customer.

The sales person should not only know what the product is but should also have the skills to connect the customers’ problem to the product feature and suggest the best possible solution for him.

To summarize, I would say both product training and sales training go hand in hand. If there is no product knowledge you fail, if there are no skills to connect problem to solution you fail. Do you have something to add? Please share!

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