Why You Need to Outsource Your Online Product Sales Training Project

Why You Need to Outsource Your Online Product Sales Training Project

Why You Need to Outsource Your Online Product Sales Training Project

Chris is the product sales manager of a large medical device manufacturer. Two days ago, his boss told him that the company’s product training budget would be slashed by half. Chris was worried, as 4 new products would hit the market in the next couple of months.

Gary is in-charge of training sales people on products in a multinational ICT organization. His firm is releasing 14 products worldwide next month. Gary was told to develop e-learning courses on these products and translate them into 30 languages before the launch of the products. He felt hapless. 

I’m sure you too must be facing similar predicaments. Training budgets are shrinking, while the demands for good courses are ever-increasing. There is a constant pressure to synchronize product training with the product launch. How can you overcome these challenges? Well, you need to outsource the development of your online product sales training programs. Let us see why.

Rapid development of online product sales training materials

By outsourcing the development of your online product courses for your sales staff, you can ensure that training can be delivered to your reps within the stipulated timeline. This is because the vendor follows set processes to develop the e-learning courses, which results in high quality output in a short period.

Cost-effective solutions for the product training needs of your sales folk

Hiring the services of a good e-learning service provider, you can get the best value for your online B2B product sales training dollar. Areportpublished by McKinsey states thatfirms can save up to 35% to 45% on the development of a 60-minute online course by outsourcing its development to India. In some cases, the savings are even higher.

Good translations of courses on products

You can produce accurate translations of your online B2B product sales training courses by partnering with a reputed firm specializing in e-learning translations. The firm renders the e-learning content into the target languages in a systematic manner, resulting in very effective translations. Furthermore, the cost of translations can be reduced by at least 40%.

Efficient mitigation of the risk of poor product training

B2B product training of poor quality can have serious consequences for an organization. Outsourcing the development of the online product sales training course to a good vendor can help mitigate this risk. This is because the vendor utilizes the skills of experienced learning professionals, which goes a long way in creating effective e-learning courses.

Adequate focus on the product launch is possible

Last but not the least, outsourcing the creation of the B2B online product sales training courses relieves you of the trouble of managing in-house e-learning development teams. This helps you focus solely on the product launch in an effective manner and ensure its success.

Outsourcing the development of your online product sales training course to an experienced e-learning vendor can result in efficacious training of your reps. The vendor can develop effective courses, without cost and time overruns. You can produce good translations of the e-learning course and mitigate the risk of poor training. Utilizing the services of an online training solutions provider can help you focus well on the product launch. Hope you liked this post. Do share your views.

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