How to Optimize Sales Training for New Hires

How to Optimize Sales Training for New Hires

How to Optimize Sales Training for New Hires

Sales are the driving factor for most organizations. Every organization has a product, physical or virtual, which they want their consumers to buy to increase their profitability.

Training new hires is of paramount importance, since young guns are often the driving factor of sales teams. But, companies often face some challenges in readying the new guns as their training needs to strike a balance between many factors of sales. Right from product information to soft skills to industry knowledge, a new hire needs to be taught all these. Hence, designing a course that fulfills all of this while capturing a millennial employee’s attention is very difficult.

E-learning can make the sales training more effective for your organization’s new joiners. Below are some of the ways in which e-learning can optimize sales training:

Tailored Training Programs

The biggest challenge that a company faces while training new hires is to strike a balance between product information and sales techniques. Custom e-learning courses can provide the best of both essential parameters. By applying innovative instructional design strategies, new hires can walk away with the necessary information and skills required to make a successful sale. Companies can also shift their focus as per the product category, giving learners only the necessary information.

Instant Knowledge

New hires are always at the risk of forgetting crucial information at crucial times. A short, just-in-time training can clear all their doubts and make sure that they can appropriately deal with a client. In order to sell a product, the salesperson must know how it works, its benefits, prices, availability and so forth. Since products, and their parameters, can change, it’s important for employees to have up to date information. A lot of sales personnel work out of the office, so they don’t always have time to research the products and see if anything has changed. A short online course on product updates could be very beneficial in this instance. Alerts could be sent to cell phones and emails could be sent giving the link to the course which salespeople can access instantly.

Interactive Learning

Custom e-learning courses by using role-play and real life scenarios can make training programs interactive. Increased interactions give new sales personnel the much-needed motivation to do their jobs. It can help decision-making and improve bargaining skills, both of which are impeccable skills in sales. Moreover, fun quizzes and tests improve knowledge retention in employees. A well-informed sales personnel is a confident one.

Consistency and Relevance

By using Learning Management Systems, e-learning courses can be delivered to your entire global workforce on the click of a button. Since all your employees receive their knowledge from a single source, it is very consistent. In the mind of a new employee a clear-cut set of common information will help increase sales and boost confidence. E-learning programs, if made mobile or tablet compatible, can deliver quick updates about discounts, offers, promotions or arrangements, using the basic notification feature. Quick version updates mean that users stay in complete sync with the new line-ups of products coming up.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

E-learning courses can be accessed from almost all computers, tablets and mobile phones. New hires who might have a difficult time grasping a topic in the first go can always take their learning in the field. Custom e-learning also utilizes game-based learning, which makes it a fun activity. This can promote social learning as well since everyone likes talking about things that are fun and interesting. Captivating training content will immerse new hires completely in their new workplace.

E-learning helps you give your sales team the high-quality training that they deserve. If implemented properly, e-learning will become the most important asset to increase your organization’s sale.

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