3 Creative Ways to Enhance Your Online Sales Course with Visuals

3 Creative Ways to Enhance Your Online Sales Course with Visuals

Want to enhance your online sales course with visuals? You have come to the right place. Here are 3 creative ways which will help enhance your online sales course.

1. Boost your content with a connecting video

When we think of visual content, the first thing that comes to our mind is videos as they are very effective in delivering high-quality training. They help salespeople connect instantly with the learning content. They have a strong learner appeal, convey the message effectively, focus on visually elevating content, add great value to learning, reduce the load of reading, and help reps retain information longer.

For example, in a sales course we can use videos to showcase how your product helped customers solve their problems. An experienced person lavishing praises on your product goes a long way in convincing customers of the usefulness of your product. After all, seeing is believing. Isn’t it?

2. Include infographics to present a group of data or information

The proverb ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ implies it is easy to convey a message using a single picture. The purpose of an infographic is to represent complex and large amounts of content in a digestible way, so that it is understood at a glance, as the sales force is always on the move. Using an infographic is a smart way to improve information retention and if it is well-designed, it reduces cognitive load and makes learning memorable for the sales staff.

For example, a medical representative who needs to meet a physician can quickly go through an infographic, which is about how a drug acts on the different parts of the body. He can do this while traveling to the doctor’s clinic and this helps him handle the doctor’s queries in an effective way and convince him to buy the drug.

3. Include games to drive learner engagement

Gamification is the best way to start with, if organizations are looking to drive learner engagement and support salespeople in innovative ways to keep them engaged. The main purpose of including games is to achieve increased levels of learner engagement and change in behavior. For sales teams at the workplace, it provides solutions for performance improvement.

For example, gamification can be used to create healthy competition which helps the training manager track individual performance and know how better reps are able to grasp product knowledge, procedures, and selling points.

Thus, adding visuals is a smart way to enhance the quality of your content and make it more effective for learners. How do you enhance your online sales courses with visuals and offer better learning experiences to your learners? Please do share!

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