Online Product Training to Customers – The X Factor to Drive More Sales

Online Product Training to Customers - The X Factor to Drive More Sales

Online Product Training to Customers - The X Factor to Drive More Sales

Many startup companies, when launching a new product that is absolutely foreign to the market, spend as much time as possible to train their employees about the product. But your prospective customers know nothing about it. This is where the product can fail to live up to the potential. So, customer product training becomes extremely important.



Companies have been uncertain about educating prospective customers. Mostly because of the misconception that if the customer becomes more knowledgeable, he is more likely to look around for a better alternative and switch. But research reveals something completely opposite. According to a study conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review, an independent management research firm, there are considerable advantages that result from improving customers’ service knowledge.

So, let see the what, why and how of customer product training.

What is Customer Product Training?

Customer product training does not mean advertising or marketing your products. It refers to a program that informs you prospective customers about your products or services and how to benefit from the product purchases.

Why Customer Product Training?

You may somehow demonstrate the benefits of the products and convince the customer to buy it. But, when he opens the pack and finds that he is not able to use the product efficiently, he will be disappointed being unable to take the advantages you promised. We know what such dissatisfied situations can lead to. A RETURN! That’s not what we would love to get from a customer, isn’t it? Your failure does not stop here! Such dissatisfied customers are likely to discourage your other prospective customers with their feedback and review.

How to Deliver Customer Product Training?

Customers today are digitally and socially connected and mostly rely on the Internet to acquire product information whenever needed. Taking this as an advantage, you can offer e-learning programs about your products to your customers on your website. These programs can be in the form of short video tutorials, instructional manuals (PDFs/MS docs), or online e-learning courses. But, a blend of these makes a more effective customer product training programs. For customers not so tech savvy, you can always record these training programs in a DVD and provide them with the product.

Customer Product Training: Apple’s Magical Weapon

When Apple launched its first iPad, in just 28 days it sold One Million. That’s a humongous figure for any company, isn’t it? It was no miracle, the key to their success was simply ‘educating consumers’. They often took time to explain things to their customer that very few vendors bother to do. They focused on key features and introduced them one at a time over a period of years and taught everything a prospective customer needed to know to understand the iPad. Without such a foundation, it was not likely that the product would have had the success it had. Apple provides many such customer product training programs online to help its prospective customers learn about the features and capabilities of their products. The result is well known to us.

Customer product training helps customers know exactly how to use the product they purchased. Whenever they see the benefits, they feel that the product is worth the investment. Such customers are more likely to recommend your brand and your product to others, increasing your sales. Have anything to say? Please do share!

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