Online Product Knowledge Training for Global Workforce [Free Kit]

eLearning Deployment Strategy - A Few Quick Tips

You would agree with me if I say product training for your sales people, service engineers and customer service representatives cannot be the same. After all, product training is not just about product features and functions. It needs to help employees perform their individual roles and the training should address that need. Very often, we tend to miss the whole point of product training in organizations.

A sales person needs to know about products so that he is able to better convince his prospects. Service personnel require product training to understand how the product functions, its design and troubleshooting process. If you are a global organization, you may also have to keep in mind the diversity of the workforce as well as the customized product line for different regions.

To ensure that every member of your workforce has just the right knowledge of products, your product training has to be managed effectively. This is indeed crucial because, it can affect your business goals. Thankfully, technology can be a boon because it helps align the training with the changing business environment and market dynamics. It allows you to create a training system that works like a well-oiled machine that runs smoothly once it is commissioned and maintained regularly.

Here is a kit – Online Product Knowledge Training for Global Workforce – An All in One Guide that can help you in designing and developing technology enabled product knowledge training courses.

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