Want to Impart Online Pharmaceutical Product Training? Try These 5 Learning Tools

Want to Impart Online Pharmaceutical Product Training? Try These 5 Learning Tools

Want to Impart Online Pharmaceutical Product Training? Try These 5 Learning Tools

The job of a pharmaceutical sales representative is tough. He must explain the features of his products to medical practitioners who are more knowledgeable than himself in a convincing manner, so that doctors prescribe the products.

For years, most pharmaceutical companies imparted product knowledge to their medical reps in classrooms. The instructor-led format is very effective in training pharmaceutical sales personnel on products. However, it is inflexible and not cost-efficient. To overcome these problems, many drug manufacturers are adopting e-learning methodologies. Today, we will look at 5 learning tools that help you deliver high quality product training to your medical reps, online.

1. Visual-rich online courses to impart knowledge of anatomy and physiology

Delivery of knowledge on human anatomy is an integral part of the training imparted to the sales staff of pharmaceutical companies. This is because medical reps need to have a basic understanding of the various parts of the human body to explain the effects of their products. This training is usually delivered in classrooms by medical doctors. This training can be supplemented with e-learning courses containing rich graphics.

 Similarly, a fundamental knowledge of physiology, the branch of science dealing with the working of the human body, is necessary for medical reps to explain the impact of their products on the functioning of various organs. Like the training on anatomy, knowledge of physiology is imparted by medical doctors in an instructor-led environment. You can use web-based courses containing animations to complement training on the concepts of human physiology.

2. Short e-learning courses to explain the features and functioning of drugs

Medical reps need to thoroughly understand how their products function. This training was traditionally imparted in trainer-led sessions, by experts in pharmacokinetics. In recent years, many drug manufacturing companies are using bite-sized online courses to explain the features and working of their products.

3. Flip cards to inform reps which diseases their products can cure

You can use flip cards to educate your medical reps about the diseases their products can cure, in an interesting manner. When a learner clicks a card containing the name of a drug, if flips to reveal the disease(s) that can be treated by the drug. They are also very useful for reinforcing key terms and definitions. For example, when a learner wants to look up to the definition of the term Hypochondria, he can click a flip card containing the term, which flips to reveal its definition — a condition in which a person is inordinately worried about having a serious illness.

4. Infographics to provide just-in-time (JIT) information support

High quality JIT product knowledge support plays a key role in helping pharmaceutical sales representatives hold effective interactions with medical practitioners, and infographics are very useful to provide information support at the point of need. Consider the following scenario.

A medical rep is interacting with a dermatologist, explaining the features of a new drug to treat eczema. The doctor asks the salesperson certain details about the clinical trials of the product. The medical rep opens an infographic containing the required information, on his iPad, and answers the physician’s query instantly.

5. Videos to develop sales conversation skills

It is a well-known fact that good conversational skills play an important role in enabling medical reps “sell” their products successfully to doctors. Good reps are adept at holding short, but effective conversations with physicians. They handle the objections of medical practitioners deftly and convince them to prescribe their products. You can use learning videos with a high degree of efficacy to impart the skills needed to hold effective sales conversations with doctors.

Video-based learning modules are ideal tools to demonstrate how to begin a conversation with a physician, introduce the product to him, tackle his objections effectively, and end the conversation successfully. It is a good idea to use recordings of actual conversations between experienced medical reps and physicians for training purposes. 

Good product training goes a long way in enabling medical reps convince doctors to prescribe their products. Use the online learning tools listed above to impart highly effective pharmaceutical product training.

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