Planning to Train New Employees Online? Try These 5 Proven Tips

Planning to Train New Employees Online? Try These 5 Proven Tips

It is common knowledge that good induction training plays a key role in helping new employees integrate seamlessly into an organization and goes a long way in ensuring they deliver high levels of productivity. Well-designed new-hire training programs make recruits feel comfortable working in a new environment and reduce employee turnover levels.

Today, many companies are using technology-enabled learning methodologies for training their new staff members. In this blog, we will examine how the online learning format can be used to impart high quality induction training.

1. Short videos can be used to welcome new employees

It is a good idea to begin an online induction training program with a message from the CEO or other members of the top brass of your organization, welcoming newly-hired employees. You can use short videos of about 3-7 minutes for this purpose. Videos can also be used to briefly introduce the company to recruits and convey the vision and goals of the company. A good understanding of the company and its mission helps employees channel their efforts toward achieving the mission.

2. Provide a good understanding of the key aspects of the organization

You can help new staff members learn about the various aspects of the organization such as its culture, business strategy, management team, organizational structure and so on, using e-learning courses based on the explore and discover strategy. This strategy encourages learners to explore new learning to acquire knowledge of the unfamiliar.

One of our clients in the pharmaceutical sector has created a virtual campus containing several “buildings”. When the learner clicks a building, an avatar explains the drug maker’s corporate culture. On clicking the second building, new recruits learn about the firms’ business strategy, while clicking the third helps them find out more about the CEO and members of the top management.

3. Take new employees on a virtual tour of global offices

Over the last few years, rapid strides in the field of virtual reality (VR) are enabling organizations to impart good training to their workforce. VR-based applications generate 3-D environments which the learner can interact with, using special equipment. One of our clients, a multinational insurance company with offices in more than 100 countries has created a VR-based learning application that takes the learner through a “guided virtual tour” of its branches across the world. This application proved very useful in helping new employees learn about the global business operations of the organization in an interesting manner.

4. Help new staff understand rules, polices, and procedures

Providing a solid understanding of your company’s policies and procedures goes a long way in their effective implementation. You can use scenario-based e-learning modules as part of your induction training program to explain the policies and procedures and why they are important. Scenarios mimic real-life situations and help your learners understand the consequences of not adhering to rules.

For instance, one of our clients, an electric power utility has mandated that all its line men wear protective gear when they work on underground cables. The company developed a scenario-based online learning nugget to highlight the dangers of not wearing the protective equipment. This initiative has helped new employees realize the importance of the rule and resulted in its effective implementation.

5. Give an idea of compensation and other benefits

It is a well-known fact that new employees wish to know about the perks and benefits they would receive. You can use online courses containing interactive tables to provide learners a good idea of the pay and benefits they would get during the course of their employment with the organization. One of our clients, an Indian governmental organization has developed a table-based learning application for new hires. The application helps employees calculate their compensation based on their designation and years of service put in. The application proved to be very popular with the organization’s fresh recruits.

Good induction training programs go a long way in helping you get the best out of your new employees. Follow the tips shared above to harness the power of the online learning format to impart highly successful training to your newly-recruited staff members.

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