5 Things Successful NBA Players and Good Salespeople Have In Common

5 Things Successful NBA Players and Good Salespeople Have In Common

5 Things Successful NBA Players and Good Salespeople Have In Common

They have done it. Cleveland Cavaliers have won the seventh game of the NBA finals and lifted the coveted Larry O’Brien Championship trophy. LeBron James and his teammates have done a splendid job indeed.

As a sales training professional, I believe NBA stars and top sales reps have 5 things in common. Let us see what they are.

1. A winning attitude

NBA starsare highly motivated and have a passion to succeed. They enter the court with a winning attitude.They are self-confident and fully believe in their abilities. No wonder, they succeed most of the time.

Sales champions too have a winning mindset. They are passionate about their job and enter into a sales conversation with a strong desire to close the deal. They love to interact with people. Good salespeople, like successful NBA players, see failures as learning opportunities and use them to hone their skills.

2. A good understanding of people with whom they deal

Successful NBA players know who their opponents are. They analyze their opponents’ strategies thoroughly and have a solid understanding of their opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. This plays a key role in their stellar performance.

Top sales reps, like NBA champions,understand the people they deal with. Good training enables these salespersons conduct a comprehensive analysis of the potential customers’ needs, so that they can tailor their conversations accordingly and deliver the best value.

3. Understand the importance of continuous training

Continuous training is the key to success. Top NBA players understand this very well and lay emphasis on regular training. Top-tier basketball coaches put them through rigorous training sessions and hone their abilities, and needless to say, this helps them deliver outstanding performance.

Like NBA superstars, successful sales persons understand the critical role of training in delivering good performance. They strive to constantly improve their knowledge and skills, and this goes a long way in helping them sell better.Aberdeen Group’s research report, Once is Not Enough – Why Sales Training Reinforcement Is a Must-have, showed well-performing organizations lay a huge emphasis on continuous sales rep training and are 15% more likely than poor performers to support post-training sales education.

4. Believe in team work

Basketball is a team sport, and NBA superstars are fully aware that performing well as a team is the key to victory. They train as one unit and work together, and this paves the way for their success.

B2B sales champions, like their basketball counterparts, realize the importance of teamwork. They train, collaborate, and coordinate with other members of the sales team effectively, and this enables them beat sales quotas.

5. Know staying healthy is critical to success

Fitness is the key to good performance, and top NBA players leave no stone unturned in keeping themselves healthy. They exercise regularly and go through rigorous workouts at gyms to ensure high levels of fitness.

Similarly, successful salespeople understand staying healthy enables them perform better. David K. Williams, in his article, Why You Should Fill Your Company With ‘Athletes’, states good salespersons respect the laws of balance in energy, health, sleep, and nutrition. Proper focus on health helps sales reps sharpen their abilities, enabling them sell better.

NBA champions have quite a few things in common with top sales reps. They have the right attitude and a deep understanding of the people with whom they deal. Successful basketball players and well-performing sales reps know the importance of honing their skills and work as a team. They are fully aware that staying healthy is the key to delivering good performance. Hope you liked this post. Would you like to expand this post? Please do so.

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