Is M-learning a Good Fit for Modern Sales Enablement?

Is M-learning a Good Fit for Modern Sales Enablement?

Is M-learning a Good Fit for Modern Sales Enablement?

In any organization, irrespective of how good the manufacturing operations, how innovative the technology, or how advanced the management methods, it is vital to have a sales mechanism in place, else everything goes vain. So for organizations to remain competitive and sustain themselves in the long run, effective selling skills are a must. For this reason, customer facing employees should be trained continually on products along with channel partners. The concept of sales enablement comes into practice here. Sales enablement continually enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the sales environment with the help of appropriate strategies and processes.

But in order to drive good results, sales enablement should neither totally focus on enhancing skills nor on the training methodology. Instead, its primary focus should be on driving business growth. Always align training with the organization’s productivity to ensure success. There are several factors such as globally spread sales teams, the continuous development of channel partners i.e., third party organizations, speedily varying markets and more and more product introductions. Keeping all these in mind, organizations are now opting for online training methodologies over traditional/conventional training methods.

But in today’s modern world, the ways people purchase have totally changed. Customers are now better informed; more connected and equipped with numerous choices than before. According to SiriusDecisions, a leading global business to business (B2B) research and advisory firm, ‘70% of the customer’s buying process is completed before talking to a sales person.’ So modern sales representatives need to proactively target and address prospects. First let’s see the key skills required for a modern sales representative.

1. Recognize the world your customer is dealing with

Today the customer wants an expert sales representative who is skilled at everything he is interested in i.e., the products, market and services. In this online world, the buyer expects the sales person to teach and educate them about future opportunities, available markets along with the tips to achieve growth.

To ensure effective communication between the company and customers, it becomes vital that every sales person have anytime access to presentation aids, virtual product demos, testimonials from existing customers, etc., All these let the sales representative have real time quotes and an exact idea of product options.

2. Take the initiative to embrace the modern digital customer

Up-to-date access to client profiles is very important. This allows the sales people to go through the client details in advance, thereby enabling them to match the right prospects with the right services and products. It really sounds shocking that buyers have now moved on from being the people who need to be educated or informed to being people with additional knowledge than the sales people. For example, when a sales representative meets a customer, the customer already has knowledge about the company profile, LinkedIn profile, YouTube channel, and Facebook business page.

3. Provide assurance on how your product helps prospects to form their future business

To address the modern digital customers, a sales representative should be able to discuss the problems customers are facing. Sales representatives should be able to identify what the problems faced by a particular business are and assure how their products will help them solve their problems. Thus, the modern sales representative doesn’t discuss about the tone of their product, instead he guarantees how the prospect’s business outcomes will be brighter with the help of their solutions.

Mobile sales enablement guarantees a convenient, timely, and creative tool that provides sales people the required information as and when they need on the field. It becomes a perfect fit for the sales representative who keeps migrating from one client to another. This helps them brush-up on a product or learn about the new features of a product along the way. M-learning also offers reinforcement tools.

Online courses can be developed to suit all types of screens, irrespective of their size through responsive design. It ensures learning happens wherever the learner goes. Thus, every sales representative should be provided with effective sales tools to ensure modern sales enablement.

Now let’s see why m-learning is a perfect fit to train your modern sales representatives:

Brings consistency in learning

M-learning provides sales people an opportunity to get the information wherever they are, irrespective of time and space barriers. The mobile learning platform provides sales representatives the opportunity to access information at any point of time. As all sales people have the same data, it helps them speak in one voice, thereby keeping the company’s reputation and brand steady.

Offers learning at fingertips

Not clients are alike. So sales representatives have to be prepared in advance to answer any sort of questions. Mobile learning makes this possible by providing just-in-time information to the sales person on-click. A sales representative can go through the required information by accessing his mobile phone anytime. Answering the client’s queries satisfactorily not only seals the company’s sales but also builds their confidence on the expertise of the organization. This also enhances the opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling.

Saves time and cost

M-learning makes sales training inexpensive due to cost effective solutions using gadgets that most of the them carry i.e., mobiles, tablets, Smartphones, etc. Mobile learning is a cost effective method of training the globally spread workforce compared to all other methods of training. On the other hand, it also reduces the training time as information is available to everyone at the same time unlike traditional or other modes of training.

Guarantees effective and efficient learning

M-learning leads to successful learning by pushing small bits of information that are easy to read, understand, and retain. Apart from this, m-learning also offers learners the freedom to learn the topic of their interest. It also becomes possible to track the performance metrics of the sales people depending on what and when they are learning.

Therefore, m-learning proves to be an ideal platform to increase the effectiveness and accountability of sales people in the organization. Please do share if you have come across anything along the way in the comments section below!

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