Product Training Made Interesting Again with E-learning Games

Product Training Made Interesting Again with E-learning Games

Your sales team is usually on the frontline of your business. They are the face of your organization that directly interacts with the customers to bring in new business and sell your products. That’s just half the challenge. Armed with the power of digital technology and social networking, today’s consumers gather all the required information on the product that is to be purchased, before they even speak with your sales team. Such an intelligent consumer will approach your sales team with difficult questions. Is your workforce adequately equipped to satisfy these advanced expectations of your customers and provide a trustworthy experience?

With an effective product training program, you can put these worries to rest. The problem with product knowledge training is that it mainly consists of lots and lots of facts. Memorizing these huge chunks of information by rote can become a painstaking task. Out in the field, employees will need to know about a product from memory, hence, handing them a bulleted list is just not going to cut it. When the success of your organization is tied to how well people are going to use product information, it is a good idea to invest in a more substantial form of product knowledge training, like game-based learning.

In a nutshell, game-based content means using game or gaming principles to effectively convey your subject matter to your learners. Games can be an excellent way to learn about your products. Complex technical product information often poses as a challenge through traditional learning methods. Game-based learning can change this by creating a program that helps your employees learn, remember and retain the information more easily. Let us explore some of the benefits that game-based learning bring to your product knowledge training:

Makes Training Fun

Why do we play games? Because, above everything else, games are fun and they feel like a form of entertainment than a method of learning. Games have rules, objectives, measurable goals, scorecards, and competition. All of these elements appeal to the primitive nature of people and deliver an interactive learning experience.

For product training, it adds a sense of achievement for every learning goal completion. As games heighten the level of interactivity, learners become active participants in the learning process resulting in greater motivation. Game-based content can also go beyond imparting plain product information and direct learners on how to utilize it in practical sales scenarios. Game-based learning engages your employees like nothing else and makes them coming back for more.

Better Knowledge Retention

Games always give you second chances. In fact, games give you as many chances as you want till you have conquered your objective. By continuously repeating a task, you can achieve near perfection. You can boost knowledge retention by using a quiz-game format to help employees master your product specifications.

Games also use attractive graphics, immersive soundtracks and playful animations to really pull learners into the content. These elements target multiple senses of a learner to help their minds form strong connections with the subject matter in question. At the time of making a sale, these associations come into play and amplify your product knowledge. 

Learn Anywhere, Anytime

No one likes to read about the products that their company sells after leaving work. Game-based learning content helps change this by bringing a great deal of flexibility to your product-training program. Since games are construed as fun, stress-busting activities, learners don’t think twice before playing. This integrates your subject matter with the daily lives of learners, which helps them achieve a hundred percent perfection in everything related to your products.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

In the field of sales, customer is the king. The ultimate aim of sales reps is to fulfill the needs of the customer and provide them with a premium service. Game-based product learning helps them do just that. It makes thoroughly proficient with every aspect of your products. It also helps enhance their soft skills, which are highly essential when out in the field. Game-based learning is not just fun and games, but rather translates to better sales, improved customer service, and higher profitability.

Move away from the conventional form of product training with game-based content. Relieve your sales employees of some stress by giving them this superior learning approach.

Game-Based Learning for Increased Learner Engagement