Learning Technology Tools to Enhance Safety Compliance Programs

Learning Technology Tools to Enhance Safety Compliance Programs

Learning Technology Tools to Enhance Safety Compliance Programs

43 years ago, before OSHA was created, nearly 14,000 workers were killed or injured on the job every year. Now the number ranges between 12 and 38. Although this is a great achievement, there is a lot that needs to be done. To achieve this, organizations have to enhance their existing safety training programs. There are many learning technology tools that can help you take your safety training programs a step further by taking into consideration the rules OSHA mandates. Let us see how you can do this.


OSHA mandates organizations to create awareness about workplace safety issues. In sectors such as manufacturing, food processing and more, workplace safety is of higher concern. This is because workers directly interact with heavy equipment. So, would a one-day classroom training session suffice? Not really. So, why not make use of different delivery media such as infographics, slideshare presentations, and videos to constantly spread awareness?

Infographics explaining the need for adhering to the safety compliance rules, statistics about workplace injuries and more can be displayed at the workplace, particularly in danger zones.

These infographics can be converted into slideshare presentations and sent to employees’ mobiles. They will act as just-in-time learning aids. . They can also be shared in the company’s social media accounts or Intranet portals for wider reach. This acts as a reinforcement of safety parameters which is necessary and useful.

Videos are powerful to drive in safety regulations. They can contain messages from higher officials explaining about workplace safety, they can actually demonstrate the dos and don’ts of operating machinery, or going through a particular process. These videos can be played in workplaces where close circuit TVs or LCD monitors are present.

For example, a video depicting a worker’s protective gear, how to wear it, when to wear it, and how to handle the equipment will serve as a timely reminder to employees. This will act as a reinforcement of training and will help reduce workplace accidents and injuries.

Safety Meetings

OSHA mandates organizations to conduct regular safety meetings. But due to the global expansion of organizations, conducting safety meetings might be challenging. Taking this into account, OSHA recently updated its policy saying, for global organizations, a centralized safety committee can be created with one representative from each branch. Although this does ease the organization’s travel expenses and time, it might actually hinder the safety compliance programs. The representative from each branch might not cover the necessary concerns in the meetings.

For this reason, you can use another technological tool called WebEx. It will help global employees join meetings virtually, and also raise their individual concerns. Not just that, these virtual interactions can be recorded and shared with those who could not make it to the virtual interaction. If some of them want to share their concerns or views, an employee hotline or a central email id can be a good idea. This way, a larger group of employees can take part in the safety meetings.

Records and Reports

OSHA mandates regular reporting and record keeping which can be done in a hassle free manner with the help of an LMS. Gone are the days when huge sets of documents had to be updated whenever OSHA updates its policies. The LMS will not only help you record but will also help report to the concerned board. It will help you enhance your safety training programs by notifying, allocating, and rolling out respective training and refresher programs. In fact, Learning Management Systems such as MOODLE can even offer offline access, taking this a step further.

Using learning technology tools will enhance your existing workplace safety compliance training programs. If you know any other learning technology tools that can help enhance safety compliance programs, please do share!

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