Enabling Your Sales Team With Interactive Online Product Sales Training

Enabling Your Sales Team With Interactive Online Product Sales Training

Enabling Your Sales Team With Interactive Online Product Sales Training

When product sales training has become essential to every organization, it does not add enough value creating long, never ending traditional online courses. To achieve the desired learning goals, either in such important training scenarios or any training scenario, learner engagement is very important. You can ensure better learner engagement through interactive online product sales training.

Here are a few methods for enabling your sales team with interactive online product sales training.

Interactive Product Demos

Not all products are so easy to understand. Some products are too complicated so a simple illustration with labels or written instructions of its usage may not help to understand how to use the product or its features (it may be a sales person or a customer). In such cases, interactive product demos are very useful. These are not like the videos you see in a teleshopping ad demonstrating the product features or its usage; rather, they are interactive as hands-on exercise is important for achieving the desired learning goals. Product usage simulation is the best example which is very similar to a how-to video in the beginning but later provides step-by-step exercise in a virtual environment.

Decision Making Scenarios or Interactive Quizzing

Theoretical knowledge is never enough when you are to apply the learning in a challenging practical environment. You need to provide scenarios very similar or close to real life situations that your sales people may face in the future. While you involve them in such scenarios, provide them the freedom of decision making. For example, you can provide scenarios where the learner has to suggest a solution for a customer’s problem. You can give learners the freedom of making decisions and provide feedback and consequences of the decision they choose. This online interactive quizzing is a great way to reinforce learning and put it in practice in a risk free environment.

Interactive Software Simulations

A product need not always be an appliance; it can be an application as well, a software application. And when training on such products, you need to vary your training methods. For example, use software application simulations to demonstrate the step by step process of performing any task such as installing the software application in your computer. These simulations are very effective as they involve the learners in the training with a virtual model of the software, creating a feeling of working on the real software. This is another great way for providing hands-on exercise.

Interactive Products Comparison Table

You might have demonstrated every little thing about your product to your sales people – new product or service, how it works, why they need it, how it helps, and how to troubleshoot the risks it might possibly create. But that does not complete the training. You need to inform how your product is different, how its functions are superior, what benefits your product has over other products available in the market. So, you must explain your product by comparing it with other products of your competitors. This comparison can be provided using an interactive products comparison table where the learners can choose the product of their choice to compare with your product. The best example for these tables is the product comparison table you find in an online shopping site (usually used for comparing different Smartphones). Such a table is very helpful not only for your internal team training, but also for customer training.

These methods may differ for different learning requirements; however the goal of addressing the learning objectives remains the same. Using these methods effectively can keep your learners motivated and engaged with the material being provided through self-paced online training programs. Have other methods to share? Please share them in the comments section below.

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